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Monday, May 18, 2009

Shredding and Shopping

Well, I finally did it- I hopped on the 30-day shred train and I must say, I loved it!


The weather is wet and rainy here, and a run was just not in the picture today. So I found Jillian Michael’s Level 1 Shred videos on Youtube, and spent 20 minutes jumping and lunging instead!
I definitely worked up a sweat, and I reached 193 HR max, burning 113 calories in only 20 minutes! Not bad!

Although I would have preferred to go for a run, this was a good back up option I would do again for sure.


After I finished shredding and showering, I wanted a a little snack- and the only thing I wanted was eggs. So I scrambled 1/3 cup egg whites with some garlic and herb seasoning, s&p and topped it with a little goat cheese crumbles. WOW was this the perfect creamy, savory snack! And protein filled to boot!


I was following Naturally Thin principles by having a protein snack after a carb meal too, a good way to balance =)

Speaking of Naturally Thin, I’m finally finished with my first week, but obviously not finished with tips, so I’ll do a full recap tomorrow!

Until then, Rules 9 & 10

Rule 9- Get Real


This is one of my favorite rules, because it truly is something I strive to live by everyday, as much as I can. “Get Real” is referring to food. Real food, not processed food, fast food, or sugar-laden food. It’s about eating what our bodies are designed to eat- real food. As Bethenny describes, the world is FULL of “fake food”. Foods with additives, preservatives, and just extra stuff the body does not need. We should focus our diets on foods that are fresh, natural, preferably organic, and closest to their true form as possible. This doesn’t mean never eat cereal again. This means, chose the least processed cereal. Eat the least processed variety of things and focus your diet on fresh produce and more natural products. Bethenny states, “your body understands real food. The body knows what to do with it, how to digest it, how to use it. If you hrow diet sodas and microwavable sludge at your body all day, you are probably not going to be as healthy or feel as good,” which I believe 100%.


Kristin’s Thoughts: I am not perfect. I get busy, I get stressed, and a lot of the time I’ll rely on microwave meals and snack bars instead of real food because frankly, sometimes I’m too lazy to make myself a nice meal or snack, or I don’t have enough time to prepare myself something more healthy. This is ok, once in a while. But there was a period of time recently where I was eating WAY too many processed foods, and I felt it. My stomach problems came back. I felt bloated, gross. My skin started to break out. My pants were a little tight. Now, I’m focusing on less processed foods. I’m eating more naturally, and I’m trying to eat as organically as I can on the small budget I’m on. No doubt about it, I feel great, 110% better than before. My skin is cleared, my clothes fit me well, my hair is soft and shiny, I glow again.


Bethenny suggests some ways to eat more naturally:

-eat organic when possible

-go seasonal when you can

-go local when you can

-eat the rainbow; chose a variety of different fruits and vegetables 

-turn up the volume – fill up on volume rich, calorie poor  salads and fruit platters over heavy dishes.


And last but certinitely not least,

Rule 10- Good for you


This one is a no brainer. Do what is GOOD FOR YOU. It’s your body, your life. Not all of these rules will fit into it. Nothing is set in stone. Knowing yourself, and doing what is good for YOU and no one else, is the key to looking and feeling Naturally Thin.


With that, do you guys understand why I LOVED Naturally Thin now?!?!


Onto the rest of my day.

I spent the afternoon with Nick’s parents, and I knew we weren’t eating lunch for a while so I had half of this PURE bar to hold me over-

Lunch was awesome. One of my alltime favorites, a true treat- but not healthy, whatsoever! I started with one raw oyster (this weekend was my first time trying them, and I’m a huge fan now!) and a clam cake-


For my entrée, I had fish and chips!

I doused the whole thing with vinegar and lemon juice. I ended up eating 1 ½ pieces of fish, dipped in a little tartar, and a few fries. I filled up on the fried-but-healthy inside fish over the not-so nutrient rich fries, which was a good choice. I left a lot on my plate, because I was full, and that was enough. I indulged but didn’t overindulge!


We spent the afternoon shopping around Newport. I got a new tank top at Second Beach and we stopped at the candy store where I got a bag of custom Jelly Bellys from the huge stash for Nick and I to share-


Which I had a few of on the walk back to Nick’s family’s condo.

I also had a piece of chocolate covered apricot Nick’s mom gave me. It was very worth it!


Around dinnertime, we decided to head to the Red Parrot for dinner. They have a HUGE menu, and it was super hard to decide on dinner. Since I had indulged pretty much all day, I went with a healthier option, thinking by Bethenny Frankel’s Naturally Thin principles. I had two raw oysters to start, and then for dinner I chose the gorgonzola salad which had a huge bed of greens, mandarin oranges, gorgonzola and walnuts with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. I dipped in a little of the dressing but the salad was good on it’s one. I finished all but most of the nuts.


I also had crabmeat stuffed mushroom caps, which I ate 3/5 of and saved two to have sometime tomorrow.


Nick’s parents were so great to me (and Nick of course!) all weekend, taking us out for meals. We had a great time with them, too so I hope it was a good vacation for them!


Right now I am comforting a very sick recent college graduate- Nick started feeling sick this afternoon, and then by the time dinner rolled around he was very feverish and barely ate any of his seared tuna. So now he’s sipping tea and hoping he feels better in the morning to drive home!


So I’m going to go make him feel better, as much as I can. Good night to you all, I’ll be back for a Naturally Thin recap and a surprise tomorrow!


FYI- I’m also taking a few more dips into the Jelly Belly stash. Buttered popcorn, pink grapefruit and pear are my weaknesses!!


itsawrapteacher said...

I really like the Shred so far. This is only Day 3 for me and my arms are killing me. My least favorite but best exercise is the squats with weight lifts. Yowza!

As far as the book goes, I can agree that I feel 110% better without processed foods but damn it gets expensive eating organic!

Sharon said...

Oh wow, I think I want to start reading that book! Thanks for sharing!