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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dinner at Mama's

Mama Luisa's that is!

Nick and I spent the afternoon shopping, and then baking dessert for my mom, part of it at least.

Then I drove to 'gansett to meet up with my dad and sister, and we met my mom and Nick back in Newport and headed to Thames for dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants.

We started with some bread and olive oil-

and then ordered some antipasti- a plate full of fresh cured meats and cheeses and marinated vegetables, plus some caprese salad. Here's my portion, plus a couple more bites of cheese and a sundried tomato.

I ordered exactly what I did last time for my entree- Picatine Vitello, with a lemon white wine sauce and capers.

It was excellent, and the zucchini on the side was awesome! I gave away two bites, and ate 3/4 of the rest myself. I also had a bite of my mom's baked sole and Nick's gnocci. Both were also fantastic!

Full but not too stuffed, we ventured to the beach to enjoy the fun treat I made- Ice Cream cone cupcakes with chocolate/vanilla swirl frozen yogurt and sprinkles on top! I used the recipe from the package for rich vanilla cupcakes, and the "cone" mold was from Crate and Barrel- another present for my mom for mother's day. The food was delicious, and my mom seemed to enjoy herself so it was a good night!

I have tomorrow off, so it's Day 1 of my Naturally Thin challenge and I'll have a lot of stuff up on the blog pertaining to that! Now, it's time to relax.. and maybe a few more bites froyo ;)

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Sharon said...

Oh wow, what a tasty time!! Totally love the dessert!