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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Early riser

I woke up this morning at 6:30a.m. and could not get to sleep!
I had stayed up late; 11, which is late for a grandma like me. ;) I had hoped to sleep in this morning because I'm going to walk rather than run due to my knee, I can do this a little later in the morning. Disappointed, I decided to sit up and read some more because I was just not falling asleep again.

Last evening I watched some stand up with my sister and had a bowl of froyo, while reading through The Food Network magazine to get inspiration for Monday's barbecue.

I stayed up reading The Sharper the Knife the Less you Cry which is making me both very excited and very nervous for culinary school! I'm already almost halfway through, and loving every page.

I read some more this morning with some tea before making breakfast. I had ab&j on a toasted whole wheat english muffin with some cantelope and grapes on the side. The cantelope was just how I like it- nice and juicy. I would have preferred a banana, as usual, but this is what we had on hand and it satisfied me enough!

Like I said, I'm planning on going on an easy walk later this morning, and getting my bags packed to head back to Newport. Nick's coming home tonight, but I'm not sure how late, so I'm trying to keep myself busy all day so I don't sit around all day anxiously awaiting his arrival! I have pizza and ice cream (our tradition) with Eric this afternoon, and then some grocery shopping and apartment organizing later on! Busy busy Saturday- but really, when am I NOT busy?

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

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Anne said...

Sorry to hear you couldn't fall back asleep-- I hate that! That book sounds really interesting! I'll definitely see if they've got it at my library.

I hope you have a great Saturday!