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Friday, May 22, 2009

Out with the girls

Girl's Night was so much fun!!

I had a good afternoon, hanging out with Katrina and then my dad for a bit. Then, I made myself and my mom a green smoothie  (ok, so ours was brown) treat for a snack, because she's been reading Green For Life and is very interested in adding more greens to her diet!

It contained 1.5 cups cantelope, 2 cups romaine lettuce, 1 medium banana, 1 medium apple and 1 cup frozen berries, blended with 1 cup water to thin it out.

The verdict? She loved it!!

I had this portion (while reading some of the book) and a couple bites of fruit as I was making it.

It held me a good few hours, through shopping in Middletown and Newport. I definitely did some shopping splurging!
I bought some new reading material at Barnes & Nobles-

and Express had a big sale, so I ended up with a couple basic tees, plus a fun flirty top for going out, a brown cardigan and some new jeans! I can hardly ever find jeans that fit me perfect, and when I do, I grab them! So my credit card bill will be a bit high next month... at least I'll look cute! ;)

Dinner was good as well. We were going to go for sushi, but the Brick Alley Pub was right next door, and calling our names! So we decided to pop in there instead.
We were starving, so we decided on some apps to start:

Florentine Bruschetta, which I ate one of- it was a bit too cheesy for my liking.

And PORTABELLA FRIES (portabella mushroom slices in panko parmesan crust) which were awesome- I ate 4!!

Because we had starters, I went a little lighter with my meal, ordering a big salad. I picked the Mardis-Gras inspired Fat Tuesday salad, complete with cajun spiced chicken, greens, tomatoes, cucumber, hard boiled eggs, bacon and honey mustard dressing. I asked for the toppings on the side, and only used a few pieces of bacon and dipped in the dressing (which was fantastic I might add).

I ate all the chicken, cuke and tomatoes, half the egg and most of the greens- but there was a lot of iceberg down near the bottom which I'm not a huge fan of, so I left that off.

I felt full, but not overly full after, which was great. I felt like I ate just enough! Just enough for a scoop of froyo for dessert... ;)

My Saturday is packed again- I have lunch with Eric because his birthday is Sunday, and then I'm making dinner for the boy who (hopefully) comes home tomorrow evening!! Have a great Friday eve!

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