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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good: I'm done with my third exam, which means only 2 more days and my Sophomore year is over which means summer, and especially, more time for blogging
The bad: One more exam. Physio, on Friday, the hardest one of them all! Can't wait to get it over with!
The ugly: My camera (or, my Dad's camera rather) is doing all kinds of funny things. For some reason all of my pictures have been coming out orange... and I know for a fact life as I know it is NOT orange. Neither is my food. So I think I'm going to have my dad bring it to a camera store and see what the problem is.

In food related things... I've eaten very well lately, despite my camera problems.

Last night when I came home from work, I was craving something sweet, so I had a small cookie I baked for my class the other day...

and a mocktail I concocted from some diet tonic water splashed with Simply Grapefruit juice. Tasty!

This morning the freezer was calling my name... well, the waffles in the freezer were. I had another waffle sammie, complete with a spoonful of almond butter, a spoonful of raspberry preserves and a banana sandwiched between two Kashi strawberry flax waffles.

I had to go to my exam super early, so I headed there before the gym.
For a snack mid-morning I had 1/2 a ThinkThin bar I had in my purse. No pic, because of the messed up camera!

After going to the gym for a sweaty workout (35 minutes on the stat bike, 25 doing lower body) I headed home to shower and make lunch. I dug into the back of the freezer for something I LOVE but haven't had in so long... Sunshine burgers! I actually have not tried this flavor yet, and ohmygosh... am I in love.

I love these burgers because they're so simple, pure and healthy.
They're not trying to be beef burgers, they're their own delicious masterpiece.

The ONLY ingredients are:
Organic ground raw sun-flower seeds
Organic Brown Rice
Organic Bell Peppers
Organic Cilantro
Organic Garlic
Organic Jalepeno Peppers
Organic Ground Cumin Seeds
Organic Onion
Sea Salt

That's it! No yucky preservatives, chemicals or anything.
The calories are high, so they are energy dense, but they are nutrient dense as well, which is most important.

I had my burger on a whole wheat sandwich thin, with a squirt of organic ketchup and a sliced of Veggy soy cheese, melted, and some carrots on the side.

(Gotta love photobooth!)
I was still a little hungry after this, so I went for a small plum- and it was just enough to fill me up!

I promised myself I would get some studying done, so I'm going to do that, and then expect a book review and announcement post later this afternoon.

On a less happy note, this evening I am attending the wake of my dear cousin (in law) Ryan's father. He died soon after an unexpected diagnosis of colon cancer, so if you could all keep Ryan and his family in your thoughts prayers, that would be appreciated. He was a wonderful man, it's so unfortunate when things like this happen so suddenly.

I will post food again later tonight, after the wake my amazing boyfriend is making me dinner (ALL by himself... he didn't even want me to make sides, and he's making my favorite I'll have a full review of the meal for you after!). He is also lending me his camera for a few days, while we figure out what's wrong with my Dad's, which is the one I've been using because MINE is broken as well! I have such bad camera luck!

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