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Monday, June 8, 2009

Green & Healthy Day 1

Evening guys!

I am going to begin to post just once a day, at night as I can, because besides the fact the rest of my week is filled with work... I want you to see all at once how my Green & Healthy days look!

Starting with breakfast this morning.

Last night I whipped up some hot & sweet fruit salad, which I got from the newest issue of Clean Eating magazine.

It contained strawberries, mangoes, nectarines and kiwi, mixed with some chopped walnuts, agave nectar and a pinch of cayenne pepper for a little kick. I served it up with 3/4 cup of low fat cottage cheese.

This one was a hit! Both my mom and I loved the sweet/spicy mix, the cayenne definitely gave it a "kick" as my mom said, but it was not overdone at all. Delicious, and kept me full for hours!

I wanted to go for a run, badly, but I knew after running two days in a row my knee would thank me if I did not. So I decided on a nice walk instead. I walked for 45 minutes around the neighborhood, up and down hills with a magazine and my ipod. It was a little dreary out this morning, but at least it didn't rain... yet! It got bright and sunny in the afternoon which was nice!

Mid-morning I had my first snack of the day- some baby carrots and kalamata olive hummus.

I looveee this hummus! I love kalamata olives in the first place, but TJ's beats every other one I've tried.

I'm trying to keep my metabolism running on high and keep full with healthy, whole foods all week to avoid any hunger or sweets cravings!

I did some organizing in my room, and then my growling stomach told me it was time for lunch! I made a HUGE salad, based one on in... surprise surprise, Clean Eating magazine! You'll see a lot of Clean Eating meals featured this week, because it is exactly the way I am striving to eat!

This Tuna salad with Dijon viniagrette included 5 oz of chunk light tuna mixed with 1 tbsp EVOO, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar and a tsp of dijon mustard, tossed and placed atop a big salad of spring greens, cucumber, grape tomates and white beans. I had some sweet grapes on the side.

I sat outside in the beautiful sun and read my newest issue of Bon Appetit for a lovely lunch al fresco! =)

I did some MORE organizing of my room... it's coming along! And then I stopped for a snack in between. I had 4 raincoast crisps smeared with some PB, and half a banana because that didn't fill me up quite enough!

Dinner took a little longer than expected, but it was worth it- really good!

I made a recipe from, you guessed it- Clean Eating magazine! Chicken stuffed with spinach, tomatoes and breadcrumbs along with spaghetti in a lemon basil sauce.


Dessert was not exactly added-sugar free, but since it's all natural and organic, I let it slide.

That's all for today! Tomorrow is another lonnnggg day of work... I'll be back afterwards of course!


Anonymous said...

no pictures?

great descriptions of food! good luck with the rest of the challenge!!!

Janetha said...

ohh kalamata hummus is one of my favorite varieties! and i have never paired lemon with basil, what a great idea!