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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Green & Healthy Day 2

First off... 


Hey guys! My first day of the work week is finally over, and let me tell you it was a BORING one... ah, well, I guess not every day can be interesting. 

On a brighter- well, more green note I started my day off better, With a Green Monster!

I love how great I feel after I drink these! Like I ate a salad AND a parfait for breakfast =)

Lunch was tasty and healthy too! 
I made a big salad of spring greens topped with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, 1/2 cup white beans and a large sprinkle of goat cheese. I tossed this with some Annie's Green Garlic dressing and had some baby carrots on the side. 

For snacks I packed some mixed nuts I had early on to hold me until lunch, and a nectarine to fuel my workout. 

At the gym after work I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, hopped right off and after a quick chat with my friend Alessandra, headed to belmont to grab some last minute dinner items. 

My dad's request was for  chicken enchiladas, and enchiladas I did make! 

I started by whipping together my favorite bean and corn salad (see Recipes page!)

And the enchiladas came out great!

Here's my portion, plus a little more bean salad it was so good I needed seconds! 

For dessert, I went a little different than cake... 
Ice cream sandwiches with freshly made chocolate chip cookies, vanilla frozen yogurt and rainbow sprinkles!

My dad loved 'em!

Messy, but oh so good!

YES, I know I ate dessert today. But I mentioned today as one of my "exception" days, because it was my Dad's birthday and we had to celebrate! 

Tomorrow I'll be back on the Green & Healthy train full force... but tonight was a moderate, delicious splurge =) 

How was your Tuesday? 

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