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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Green & Healthy

Hey guys!
I know I promised my challenge... and here it is! 

Green & Healthy

Crap-free before camp “detox”

How this started:

Recently, I posted about my reasons as to why I eat healthy here.

And I will say, that since then, I have not binged, and I have kept my cravings in control, only having smaller portions of what I’m craving.

But still, I’m not totally healthy. Which is ok, I mean, no one is perfect. 

But I am admittedly easily drawn into buying candy, especially when I am at work, because it’s there, not even because I necessarily crave it. I THINK I crave it, so I buy it. I am also ashamed to admit I have a slight addiction to diet soda and flavored waters. I know, I know- can you get a crappier beverage? They’re nothing but chemicals and artificial sweeteners! So real sweets & fake sweets overload!

I also jumped off the organic bandwagon for a while, not caring about what I was consuming because non organic was cheaper. Well, we all know that being healthy is worth the cost.

I’ve been eating out a lot (Canada being an exception, it was vacation for me), and not choosing the healthiest options.

Through all of this, I have noticed a lack of energy, and I really just do not feel great.

I know I will feel better when I eliminate these unhealthy offenders from my diet. So, the idea for a “detox” began.

Why I want this change:
I’m going to camp soon, and as I’m sure all you camp-alumni know, camp food is not the healthiest. This is in NO way going to be a  2-month unhealthy eating spree though. I fully intend on making the healthiest choices possible, and reporting back to the blog on my success as much as I can.

Still, I want to be in the healthiest shape I can be, body and mind, before camp starts. I want to rid myself of the crap and fill my body with nutrients so I am healthy and energized at the start of camp, and motivated to be a healthy influence. I know how much I looked up to my camp counselors, and I want to be a good example for my campers, who will undoubtedly know I love to eat, but healthfully so.

Purpose of the challenge: To “detox” our bodies of artificial sweeteners, added sugars, chemicals and all that CRAP we’ve been putting into it, in the healthiest way possible!

My co-challenger: Recently, My mom started drinking green smoothies after reading Green For Life, and she feels a lot better. She quit eating candy (also a vice for her), but she still felt like she needed something to jump-start an overall healthier lifestyle, and a mini-detox sounded perfect for her. I’m so glad to have her along for the ride, and I’m hoping she will jump on the blog once in a while and give her take on the challenge as well!

So without further ado... 

Rules (more like guidelines!)




Artificial Sweeteners

Added sugars*

Excess salt/sodium

Excess oils & saturated fats

White bread, flour or pasta

Anything packaged INCLUDING Frozen meals and bars

Anything fried

Anything that does not look like it belongs in nature

Desserts aside from all natural fruits or naturally sweetened organic yogurt

*Certain exceptions may arise; such as nonfat soy milk. 


Organic fruits and vegetables (That means Green Monsters!)


Complex Carbohydrates

Lean, low fat protein in the form of beans, legumes, poultry, fish and dairy

Exercise- every day, at least 30 minutes!


Foods: Organic fruits, vegetables (especially greens!), whole grains, beans, fish, low fat yogurt/dairy, soy/almond milk, lean meats, sweet potatoes, unsalted nuts, olive oil, avocados, all natural seasonings

Drinks: Water, Water and more water!!! And unsweetened hot/iced tea. That’s it.


6/9- Dinner only. My Dad’s birthday celebration. But it will be made by ME, and as clean as possible!

6/13- My Aunt’s big RIPA dinner. Goal: Eating as clean as possible (with no menu)

6/14-6/15- Nick’s coming up to visit me. Goal? Eat as healthy as I can, where he wants to eat.

**Because of these exceptions I will continue with the challenge on Thursday & Most of Friday, just to get in as much “detox” as possible** =)

Is this a diet? NO!

Are we cutting calories? NO, at least not intentionally. I’m sure a few will be cut from lack of excess sugars, etc. But not in order to lose weight.

Am I planning on losing weight? No I am not. I will still be consuming a normal amount of calories, with just less "crap", aka empty calories,  amongst them! 

It will start on Monday, June 8th and Continue through Thursday, June 18th.

So that is the challenge! I would love for any of you to come along with me, if you do, I am thinking up a great prize I’ll send out before camp for any of those who are willing to participate!

So come join in on the green & healthy train!

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