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Saturday, June 6, 2009

So. Many. Clothes.

Hello all, happy Saturday evening! 

I am staying in tonight, and with good reason- my day was PACKED with cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning! I literally spent 4 hours straight cleaning, and my room is now almost clean... yes, I said almost! The floor, closet and my bed (which piles LOTS of junk when theres only one of me sleeping in it!!) are all spotless, but my desk and bureau still need a little work!

I'm still glad I got so much done though, and now I can relax =) 

I went on a run this morning, I told myself I would go as far as my legs took me. Lucky for me they took me 5 whole miles! They ached the entire way, but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm still looking a knee braces and a doctor's appointment though! 

After my run I immediately grabbed a snack- some dill almonds I brought back from Canada. 

I need more!! 

Lunch time came fast while I was cleaning, and I had an amazingly tasty, healthy lunch! 

Yes, that is a sweet potato covered in low fat cottage cheese! I saw it on Jenna's blog a while back, and it sounded right up my alley. Yes it was! I loved this combo, the sweet/savory flavoring was exactly what I love, it was nutrient PACKED and filled me up well. I had some strawberries and cucumber slices on the side for even MORE nutrients!

I continued on with my cleaning; my first afternoon snack being not so-healthy- a few Werther's that I happened to "find" while I was sorting through things. They really need to GO AWAY! No worries, I'll be done with that "crap" soon! 

My second afternoon snack was much more nutritious and filling. 

A berry pomegranate Cabot greek style yogurt. I LOVE the Cabot greek yogurts. They are so thick and creamy!! 

After finishing up my cleaning I did some blog reading and decided on a simple, early dinner. 
I knew exactly what I wanted- eggs!

I used one egg and two egg whites to make an egg scramble! I sauteed some grape tomatoes and mushrooms in a bit of EVOO, then scrambled up my eggies with some garlic herb seasoning, tossed it all together and topped it with goat cheese and fresh parsley. Divine!
On the side I had a delicious mini Rudi's honey sweet whole wheat bagel with some Smart balance. 

Altogether it was a delicious healthy dinner. 
But my sweet tooth got me again, and since I KNOW I will be going away from all these sweets very soon, I had to indulge a bit one last time... 

That's Breyer's All Natural and Edy's Slow Churned. 

Stay tuned for my challenge post in a bit!!

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sandy said...

honestly, I am not trying to be mean, but who cares if u have some sweets? your super skinny and life is too short to deprive yourself. so stop saying your not having anymore! that looks like 1/3 of a cup of ice cream....not even a whole serving. Please dont be a trigger for many young girls that may stumble upon your blog and see yourself putting down on eating a tiny bit of ice cream ( which is calcium by the way)