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Friday, June 19, 2009

Packing and prepping

Good Afternoon! 

I'm posting now because I probably won't have another chance until late or tomorrow... I still have a bunch to do before camp, and I have my cousins' graduation later this evening. 

So onto my food. 

Last night was a lot of this: 

and this: 

and yes, I will be the first to admit that I have not been eating 100% healthy lately. I mean, what happened to Green & Healthy, anyway? 

Well, to be honest, life happened. I had a great first week eating super clean, and then Nick came, and I splurged some, and then this entire week was so frenetic obsessing over eating healthy was the last thing I wanted to do. 

I've tried to keep a balanced diet, being at it has had a lot of sweets & treats, I've been making sure I at least get in some healthy lean protein, whole grains and lots of fruits & vegetables.

So at least I'm getting my nutrients in, and I feel that is the most important thing of all

As for Camp... well... 
I'm not exactly sure how my diet is going to be. And exercise will not be structured as I wish it could be. But I signed up for this! I knew this when I applied, and it's all a part of the experience for me.  

I do have some at-camp eating and exercise goals... 

  • drink enough water 
  • make sure i get my fruits & vegetables 
  • keep portions in check 
  • eat the healthiest way, whenever possible 
  • try to get in whole grains
  • stay ACTIVE whenever I can; playing games, swimming, etc 
And thats as far as I'll go. I think this way, I can stay as healthy and happy as possible without being obsessive about the food, seeing as I can not control what is served to me!

I will not be blogging or photographing my food while at camp. I'll be in the middle of the woods! But I WILL be blogging on the weekend, so I'll give you an update on how camp's going, how I am and of course, how the food is!

I'll post my eats for today later. Now I have to jet- lots of errands and exercise to do!

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Janetha said...

hey, the cookies look YUM! sometimes life gets in the way.. don't let it get ya down. boyfriends can be the downfall of clean eating! sounds like your camp goals are good. you will keep it in check :) xoxo