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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last day at work and a sleepover!

Evening Guys!

I apologize in advance; this post is going to be brief because there are cookies in the oven and my cousin will be back soon with mocktail ingredients!

Can you tell we're having a sleepover this evening? Old-school style with a "big girl" twist =) 
We had a Starbucks date, just picked up dinner, baked cookies are making mocktails, and have an entire agenda of romance movies, horror flicks and girl talk planned for the evening =) 

Backtracking, I can't even talk about my last day anymore, it exhausts me just thinking about it. I thought yesterday was hard, well this day made yesterday seem like a breeze, no joke! 

I started the day with a few dried figs before hopping on the treadmill for a 3o minute speed walk. 

Then, I made myself a healthy breakfast to fuel my morning... 
My favorite yogurt bowl, which I am going to miss dearly  at camp!! 0% chobani, a banana, a handful of blueberries and slivered almonds. 

Silly me forgot my snack today... so I picked up a 2-serving bag of Rold Gold pretzels... surely not whole grain, but not a bag of potato chips either. I munched on that to hold me through the morning. 

Lunch was a Tuesday repeat... 
BEST sandwich combo, EVER! Natures Promise 12-grain + organic turkey + light laughing cow + TJ's red pepper eggplant spread =heaven in a sammie! The carrots added even more crunch & nutrients! 

For my afternoon snack, I had a small handful of my newest obession- cranberry raisinets... 
and for a second sweet treat-
A Grande Mocha Light Frappucino, at my Starbucks date with Sam! We had a whole lot of fun chatting and sipping our drinks!

We were going to make dinner, then we got talking about our favorite Middle Eastern food (we're both Syrian of course)... and decided Markos was in order!

I got the usual- healthy baked falafel wrap, along with half a piece of kibbeh with some plain yogurt. Yum!

Gotta run, the cookies are  beeping!

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Rose said...

Those oats have my fav ingredients, for sure :)