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Wednesday, June 3, 2009



You guys can start calling me Sneezy from now on, because I am a snot machine! Ok, sorry for the gross graphics. But I can not stop sneezing/blowing my nose/using up tissues like it's my job. What the heck?!?! I got back from Canada and now I'm sick? Well, sick I'm not sure yet, but if these are just allergies they're pretty damn intense!!

Besides not feeling too hot, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night either, which, needless to say put a damper on my exciting (not) day at work. 
I woke up and had a healthy breakfast to start my day, at least. 

A fruit n' yogurt bowl with one 0% chobani, some bluberries, raspberries, a sliced banana and a sprinkle of almond slivers. 

This held me well throughout the morning; until I dug into my snack- one of my favorite Clif bars, which, as usual, I ate half of in the a.m. and half of in the afternoon. 

Lunch was SOO tasty! Last night I made one of my favorite warm weather recipes- Veganomicon's Corn, Edamame and Sesame salad. I had a generous serving on top of a bed of spinach, with a juicy nectarine (they're baacckkk!) on the side. 

This was delicious, but didn't fill me too well. I had a couple small handfuls of Kashi Heart to Heart as well, which did the trick. 

After work I attempted a gym trip. I say attempted because I made a good effort- 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then 10 minutes into my strength training I quit because I wasn't feeling great. 

Back home I was excited to find a surprise at my door- Frito Lay sent me some of their new healthy Smartfood products to sample, which I am very excited to do a review of soon! Tune in soon! 

As soon as I got home I needed something to munch on, but dinner wasn't for about a half an hour, so I had a small cup of organic baby carrots to chew on. 

Dinner was my favorite soup my mom makes- Split Pea with chicken sausage! YUM! 
I had a bowl with a small piece of baguette with smart balance... 

and then went back for another 1/3 of a bowl because it was so good!

I'm full now, but thinking about a little dessert later... 

I will be going to bed early for sure! I hope I get better, I have work again tomorrow and then I'm going out with the lovely Katrina for another fun dinner date!!

Have a great hump-night!! 

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Anonymous said...

get well soon kristin!!!