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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Falling into place

Looks like things may just be falling into place for me right about now. 

This morning I went for a glorious 45 minute run around my neighborhood. It felt good to just run, after all of this craziness the last week or so, it was just what I needed. 

Before I left I had two of these AMAZING crackers I got at Sunripe on Sunday. 
Note to self: MUST stop up as soon as I go back to Ontario!!! 

For lunch a little later, I had a healthy nutrient-filled lunch, because I knew the BBQ at the Yacht club would be less than stellar in health department.
My mom left me a big colorful salad in the fridge that included grape tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper, mushrooms and romaine lettuce. I tossed that with about 1.5 tablespoons Amy's Raspberry Viniagrette and on the side had an ezekiel 'white pizza', basically a warmed Ezekiel tortilla smeared with a heap of kalamata olive hummus and some crumbled goat cheese. 

For dessert, I had a few pieces of dried kiwi.

Lunch was delicious and filling, and since the meeting/BBQ was so early I didn't have an afternoon snack. 
I didn't bring my camera; but dinner wasn't overly interesting to look at. I had a burger with ketchup/mustard/relish, a slice of swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. For dessert I had a butterscotch cookie and a small walnut brownie- I couldn't choose just one!! 

Now I'm relaxing for a while, I have work early in the morning so I need to be well rested!!

As for the big changes I've been alluding to; here's the first one: instead of my current summer jobs, I am going to be working as a full-time camp counselor at the Girl Scout Camp I grew up going to. Now what does this mean for the blog? Well, I'm not really sure yet. But I WILL be blogging when I can, and I will keep you updated with the situation. For now, all I can tell you is I am SO excited to be doing this!! Being a counselor was seriously my childhood dream job, and camp is so much fun! 


mealsandmoves said...

kristin that sounds like SUCH a fun gig! you will have a blast!!

Rose said...

Congrats on the new gig. I love working with kids but never get the chance... that's awesome!

Michelle said...

It sounds like you DO have a lot of changes going on in your life right now Kristin! You seem excited about your new summer job (kids are adorable!! I loved working with them!) so I'm excited for you! The situation with Nick may be challenging, but like you said, you'll make it work :) You're an inspiration!!