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Friday, June 5, 2009

Starting to get better

Morning everyone!
Sorry about the lack of post last night, I was exhausted and really just needed some sleep! 
I honestly think stress+exhaustion+allergies was the cause of my ailments. After a nice night of sleep, I feel much better, and more energized to have a busy, but productive day!! 

Flash way back to the night before last. I had a small cup of frozen yogurt as my treat before bed. 

I slept alright, but not as much as I had hoped. I felt a little like a walking zombie at work. 
For breakfast before I left I made a big cereal bowl- 

1 cup optimum power, 1 cup nonfat soy milk, a sliced banana and a handful of blueberries and raspberries. 

For a snack I had (unpictured, whoops!) my FAVORITE clif bar of all... Chocolate Chip Peanut. 
Half in the morning, half in the afternoon. 

Work was ok, I kept myself busy ripping sale signs and chatting with Erica about past camp experiences (she went to the same camp I did; the one I'm going to be a counselor at!) We can't seem to remember anything about the food, aside from her horrifying encounter with copious amounts of apple jelly-peanut butter sammies... yuck. 

For lunch I dug into the 'last' of my corn edamame sesame salad; I say last because I saved a bit for my mom to try- she loved it! And I also had a nectarine.

This held me over far better than a little salad with spinach like I had yesterday. 
My sweet tooth was screaming at me after lunch, so I had a few Werther's Caramel-Filled Candies. I reaalllly wanted more than I had, but I was proud of myself for keeping to a good small portion from a large bag. 

After work I was planning on going to the gym, but it was an unexpectedly sunny, warm day- so I decided there was nothing better than a nice run!

Well, there are things better than the run I went on... 
I was planning on 40 minutes, and I ended up making it 30. Not too bad, but my knee was killing me the entire time. I just could not keep running. I'm looking into knee braces for now, but, as my PT-to be boyfriend keeps urging me, I think I need to see someone about it =/ 

But I came home, stretched it out, iced it out and relaxed for a while. 
I had a couple of snacks to hold me over because I knew dinner with Katrina was going to be late!

Carrots and TJ's Kalamata Olive Hummus (my alltime favorite! yum!) and a small apple, sliced thin for more nibbling. 

When I finally met up with Katrina I was starving again, but dinner was deeelicious!!

We shared again; which is the perfect adventure for our taste buds, and a true money-saver. 
I picked up Crazy Burger (what else?!), and we ate it at her casa. 

Pacific Rim Rolls with Peanut Dipping sauce (droool) 

Birdie Mae Burger (Tempeh, Sweet Potato, Rice, deliciousness) and sweet potato fries 

I ate half of each, with LOTS of crazy burger ketchup! I also kept picking at the greens from under the rim rolls... bad girl, I know. 

Katrina brought us a special treat- Dunkin Donuts Coolatas! 
They were HUGE so we tried to split them half and half, but still only ended up finishing 3/4 of each- strawberry and coffee. Super filling, but a fun summer treat! 

Needless to say, I was not hungry before I texted the boy good night and passed out in bed. 
I 'slept in' this morning- at least to my standards. 7:45 wakeup compared to a 6am wakeup is definitely an improvement! 
I had a big yogurt bowl to fuel my day. 

1 0% chobani cup, a sliced banana, the last of the berries (tear) and a handful of slivered almonds. A little more than usual because I wanted this bowl to hold me over!

I'm having a day with my mom today; she has the day off, so we're going to the gym this morning (Trainer Kristin gets to come out, yay!) then camp-clothes shopping in my favorite city (Newport!) and then having a pizza/movie girls night at the house =) 

I PROMISE I will post tonight! 

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Michelle said...

Coolattas!! If you've read my blog recently, I always speak of my love for these babies! French Vanilla Coffee coolatta made with skim milk (only 170 cals for a small, and all the flavor!) or my new obsession, Coconut coolatta w/skim! Have a great weekend! :)