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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back in Action

Evening everyone!
Thanks so much for your support in giving me a little "break from blogging"... sometimes I feel that since I'm home I need to blog every meal, and that's not fair especially when I have a special guest over! But I'm back in action in the blogging world now (or, at least tomorrow morning) for sure! 

Lets see, where did I leave off? 

As promised, the second half of my Broadway Calzone. Perfect! 
We spent the afternoon in Garden City, window shopping at the bookstore and doing some stock-up shopping at Whole Foods (ground flax for $4.99? awesome!!). 
We had a lot of unpictured samples, and I had some Simply Lemonade on the way home. 

Back at home, I prepared dinner- Nick's favorite (remember anyone?)

We cracked open a bottle of Reisling from Flat Rock for my mom to try... 
She loved it! 
And we ate Garlic Parmesan chicken, blanched green beans and whole wheat couscous prepared with the tiniest bit of butter and some seasoned salt. 
It was delicious, if I do say so myself!
My sister's  boyfriend was over for dinner too, so my mom took us all out for ice cream!
Black cherry and Mint Oreo (with sprinkles, of course). I think my sweets cravings have been cured! 
Nick and I settled down to watch The Hangover  (hilarious!!!) and then drifted off to sleep. 

This morning I woke up early and said bye to Nick... it was sad, but unfortunately I'm getting used to saying goodbyes- I know it won't be too long until I see him again =) 

My mom and I started our planning day off with my fave on-the-go breakfast... 
Everything bagel toasted with cream cheese, large iced coffee. I also had a nectarine mid-morning. 

We went to the gym and I took her through the entire upper body workout for BFL. She's in good shape, but I think we'll both be sore tomorrow!

Lunch was the usual from Picnic Basket... 
Mmm... the Ed-wich... 

Then we proceeded to spend a ridiculous amount of money at Target and Trader Joes to stock up on healthy foods!!

My mom is going out to get pizza and watch Top Chef because I am long overdue in seeing the last 2 episodes!! Tomorrow we are starting Body For Life and I am so ready!!! 

To come.... 
  • A full BFL-plan post 
  • Wine tasting recaps! 
  • Possible new blog format...
  • Back to school fun =) 
I'm off to relax, 'see' you tomorrow morning! 


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Janetha said...

i looove everythang bagels! good luck tomorrow, oh and i don't know if you read danica's blog but she just started BFL too! check her out, her link is on my page. xo!