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Friday, August 14, 2009


There's really no point in not being honest at this point. 
Before I went to camp, when I was having some binge-eating struggles, I used to lie by "forgetting" to blog the candy bar, or the extra scoop of ice cream... and then when camp rolled around, there was no one to impress. Which, of course made it worse... on top of the fact that I was stressed, and the bad eating caught up with me. 

Now that the stress is gone, the social eating I've mentioned in previous posts is coming to the front. Feeling the need to have what others are having, just because. 

So yes, today I had the fudge and the gelato. I am still on my "vacation" but I shouldn't be making excuses for unhealthy choices- I could have just chosen one instead of both, and it would have been a perfectly moderate indulgence, right? Well, sometimes my brain gets the best of me. 

I can't wait until I'm officially on BFL- this girl needs some FOCUS!!! 

But enough complaining, onto the eats. 

Breakfast looked like the classic indulgent American breakfast... 

until you look at those Rockin' nutrition facts! Love Trader Joes! 

I did 30 minutes of running and then took a 30-minute power walk with Peko in the morning. At least I got my exercise in! 

I grabbed a snack before we left- the rest of the cottage cheese with some blueberries. 

Peko got her hair trimmed, and we headed to Newport mid morning. Luckily we got there in time to get a parking spot but it was still busy as can be!!! 

We did some shopping, but more window shopping than actual purchasing. I did buy a gift and a  skirt to wear to the beach, so I didn't spend too much seeing as I am jobless and really need to watch my spending! 

My first treat of the day was some fabulous home made fudge-  Vanilla Toffee flavored! I ate about 1/3 of this throughout the day. 

For lunch I grabbed the Pick Pocket Wrap from Pick Pockets- it had eggplant, roasted red peppers, lettuce, fresh mozarella cheese and balsamic viniagrette. Delicious and healthy! 

We ate it overlooking this GORGEOUS view at the docks 

Mid-afternoon we were all shopped out, so we decided to take a breather at my favorite gelato shop in RI- Cold Fusion! I had a small Carribean sorbet and Hazelnut chocolate gelato. 

The perfect way to cool down!

We were going to do dinner in Newport but Peko was exhausted, so we opted for going home for a nap (or in my case, a blog stop!) before heading to dinner. 

I snacked on some organic cherries from TJ's

We went to Marshalls before dinner and I scored an awesome deal- a $65 Billabong hoodie for only $29.99 in my size! Whoo! I'm such a surfer girl at heart =) 

When it was time for dinner we headed to El Fuego for burritos! My mom, Peko and I all got burritos and every one of us were satisfied, they were delicious! I got the veggie burrito with black and pinto beans, mushrooms, onions, peppers, cheese and rice with sour cream, salsa and tortilla chips on the side. I ate the whole burrito with a bit of the s.c. but only had a few chips, I was too stuffed!! 

Afterwards I came home and had another big bite of fudge. =/ 
I love sweets so... I really am going to have to get used to only having them once a week on BFL!!!

Thats all for tonight, tomorrow we're off to Beantown- I wish we were going to the Healthy Living Summit, but we'll have fun nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have fun!
And glad you've decided to be honest with yourself. I think it's ok to indulge once in a while. dOn't beat yourself over it. You have your whole life ahead of you to remedy that.

Janetha said...

nice honesty, i love it. and i like what sophia said as well. always time to fix things! i need to take some of that advice :) have a super weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristin, I have been reading your latest posts ( I have been following for a long time though lol) and I completely understand your frustrations. I was drawn to your blog because we have very similair stories and after loosing a little too much weight and slowly gaining it worst fear is coming true. This summer I definitley indulged a little too much and I have gained a little weight. I am not in a panic, but I am trying my best to control my snacking and "picking" at foods and try to thoroughly enjoy every morsel I put in my mouth (very hard to do!)
Well I just want you to know that I understand your concerns and just know that you are still beautiful and smart. I have definitely learned this year that life is all about taking baby steps.
Keep it up Kristin I know you will get though this rough patch and I am working on it along with you.
Thanks for a wonderful blog, your honesty is very admirable.