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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Social eating

I will not over eat. I will not over eat. I will not over eat. 

Ack, Social eating is the worst is it not? 

I did pretty well today with my eats, I had a few grapes before we left, and then we headed to Calvittos-an Italian bakery/deli close to my house, to grab lunch. 

My sister and I shared our favorite white pizza strip and I also had a medium sized multi grain broccoli pie and a sprite zero. 

It was a healthy choice and it filled me up well! 

We went to Barnes and Noble to browse; I decided on a few future books but didn't get anything now. Then we headed to Target for Peko's first trip, and had so much fun! I got a bunch of goodies but by far the best deal was this baby:

$21.49 for a whole 2 lbs of EAS protein powder! This will last my mom & I the whole challenge, I'm sure!! 

We also went to Trader Joes and I got a bunch of essentials, and Peko and I shared this clif bar for a snack late afternoon. 

Back home I cooked up some healthy burgers using lean ground beef, tomato paste for moisture, parlsey and spices with carmelized onions, avocado and tomato on top in TJ's whole wheat hamburger buns. On the side we had some of TJ's Italian 3-bean salad (I'd make my own but we wanted something quick and easy tonight!). 

It was delicious! I love the burgers, even my mom who hates red meat liked them =) 

Peko and I are hanging out for the night because it's still dreary out, baking cookies and relaxing. Newport tomorrow!!! 


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Janetha said...

social eating has always been an issue for me. i had to work really hard at overcoming the whole eat-everything-just-because-it-is-there mentality. now i am fairly good at resisting temptation. like last night, everyone had ice cream except me. i just said "janetha, it is almost free day, you can have it then" and popped a stick of gum in my mouth.

i love going to B&N! nice snag on the protein powder. i buy mine at costco or sam's club, and you are going to shoot me in the face when i tell yout hat i get 6 Lbs for $30... haha. i have chocolate and vanilla and i have been known to go through a bag in 2 months by myself. eep.

mmmm your burgers sound like they were super yummy!

have fun in newport! xo