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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Healthy just tastes better


This a.m. I did my first LBWO (lower-body workout) and let me tell you- my legs already hurt!!! HIIT may be slightly difficult tomorrow. We shall see. 

Here's what I did: 

Leg press
12 @ 110 #
10 @ 130 #
8 @ 150 #
6 @ 170 # 
12 @ 130 # 
Barbell squats- 12 @ 30 # 

Dumbell lunges 
12 @ 10 #
10 @ 16 #
8 @ 20 #
6 @ 20 # ----> my legs were shaking, couldnt make it to 12!!!
12 @ 16 # 
Straight leg deadlifts- 12 @ 20 # 

Angled calf raises 
12 @ 10 # 
10 @ 16 # 
8 @ 20 # 
6 @ 24 # 
12 @ 20 #
Single legged calf raises- 12  @ 20 # 

Abs- I didn't think the pyramid pattern would be effective for abs, so I've chosen to do more ab exercises- one for each part of my abs (upper, lower and middle) and work up to more each week. 
Today I did: 
Decline sit-ups- 50 (1 did them in between the calf exercises)
Floor crunches- 50 (1 min rest b/t 10)
Twist crunches- 50 each side (1 min rest b/t 10)

Phew! Definitely got some muscle-building in! 

I came home and had some mud for breakfast... 
Ok, it's not really mud... ;) 
But it was some very watery (it thickened up a bit before I ate it) Chocolate protein oats: 1/2 c dry oats, 1 scoop chocolate EAS protein powder. 

I had meal # 2 a couple hours later... 
You can't see it, but there is 0% chobani greek yogurt underneath the mass of delicious juicy nectarine. Yummm.... 

This baby kept me full for a few hours, until I used leftovers to make a very reminiscent lunch... I always used to make Meatloaf sandwiches with (gasp!) melted american cheese, and loads of ketchup on white bread (gross!) when I was a kid, after mom had made it the night before. Well mine's a little healthier! 
1 piece leftover meatloaf, sliced in half and placed between 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread with a LCL cheese wedge and a squirt of ketchup. Carrots + cuke to round it out!

I made a lot of progess on my room today- my closet and desk are all organized, as is all my school stuff! Finally, I'm feeling on top of things =) 

I also went on a 30-minute walk to stretch my legs out, and then I had to get ready for my sister's volleyball game. 

So I grabbed this for meal #4 on the way out the door-
WOW! These bars never fail to amaze me. This tasted like a cross between a Reese's cup and a peanut butter brownie!! Must. Buy. More. 

And the best part? It held me over until I could make my dinner
(Ali's team won, by the way- Congrats Lady Mariners!) 
I lightened up my cajun chicken AND my bean and corn salad. The bean and corn salad contained: 
  • black beans 
  • corn 
  • quartered grape tomatoes 
  • red onion 
  • lime juice 
  • salt 
  • pepper
  • Mrs. Dash Fiesta Chipotle 
And it was amazing! I served myself a slightly large portion, but I measured and had PLENTY of leftovers, so I'm sure the carbs were ok. For the protein I covered the chicken breasts with cajun seasoning and a dash of ss+p and baked the chicken at 375 for 30 minutes. Came out perfect! 
And no fat added to EITHER of these dishes... I truly believe healthy just tastes better. When the food is fresh, the ingredients are wholesome, and the spices are spot-on... it just tastes BETTER!

That's all for tonight folks. I'll update on my Meal #6 status later or tomorrow morning. Night!


Janetha said...

ohhh i am digging that corn salad! and i love how you turned your leftovers into a completely different meal. i had LBWO just barely! jello legs!

Danica's Daily said...

Fantastic lbwo! I know the first week I was crazy sore, but, this week it's ALOT better. I LOVE how you made a meatloaf sandwich - I need to try that.

I totally agree that healthy tastes better especially when you have awesome in season produce and the right spices - MMMM. YUM to all your food all day (ok, well, except those protein oats) :D