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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Good, the bad and the lumpy...

Happy September!!! 
I love fall, do you? 

As I'm sure you can tell from my post title, today was good and not so good
The not-so-good was my morning workout. I don't know if it was the fact that I was boiling hot in my crowded basement or if I was still asleep, but my HIIT was NOT as good as the other day!!
At least I made it through the 20 minutes, and was still drenched in sweat at the end!
HIIT- Day 3
1 min @ 5.8
1 min @ 6.0
1 min @ 6.5
1 min @ 7.0
1 min @ 7.5
1 min @ 8.0
1 min @ 6.0
1 min @ 6.5
1 min @ 7.0
1 min @ 7.5
1 min @ 8.0
1 min @ 6.0
1 min @ 6.5
1 min @ 7.0
1 min @ 7.5
1 min @ 8.0
1 min @ 4.5-->here's where it went downhill... 
1 min @ 6.0
1 min @ 7.0
1 min @ 7.8--> High Point, I was DYING at this point!!
1 min @ 5.4
Then I did another minute at 3.5 walking to cool down. 
Not horrible, but those last 5 minutes were killer!!! I wish I could have made it all the way through at the highest level, I guess there's always the next HIIT day!! 

At least I started the day with some delicious breakfast... 
LOVE this combo- Wilted spinach, mushrooms and grape tomatoes cooked with 1/2 cup scrambled egg whites, sprinkle of Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb and a laughing cow light cheese wedge. With a banana! 
Savory, full of protein and tons of nutrients from the veggies! One of my faves!

So onto my good news... 

I got a new job!!! Nothing big, but I needed a second job (Rite Aid doesn't have as many hours in the fall)... and I start Saturday! I'm just working at events at the University- Saturday is a football game, but it's sweet because I get to see all the games/hear all the concerts as well as make some $$!!! Sounds good to me =)

Around 11 I had meal #2 on my way to my interview... 
(I keep forgetting to take pics of my bars!) 
This bar was AWESOME. It truly reminded me of a chocolate brownie! And it held me over because I didn't eat lunch until 1:45... 

Meal # 3
I didn't realize you couldn't see inside the pita before I put this up! Sorry! 
It was awesome though- I used leftover salmon (from dinner last night), a squirt of honey dijon mustard, sliced tomato and cucumber and a handful of sprouts in an Ezekiel Pita (only 100 calories!) with some baby carrots on the side. 
Filled me up well! 

Meal #4 was also very tasty... Today's meals were a hit!
Ok, very lumpy and not so photogenic. But it is 1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese mixed with 1/2 cup Dannon Light n' Fit cherry yogurt, to make for a tasty mid-afternoon meal! 

Dinner was my own invention... 
I had been craving meatloaf (I know, weird for me- the ex veggie) and I knew my mom's version was not so healthy... so I created my own! 
This contained: 
-1 lb 95% lean beef 
-3  tbsp nonfat milk
-1/2 c egg whites (2.5 eggs)
-1/2 c whole wheat panko breadcrumbs 
-a couple squirts of organic ketchup
-heaping spoonful tomato paste 
-1/2 c diced onion 
-salt, pepper, parsley, oregano, basil, garlic powder 
All mixed up in a bowl and pressed in a sprayed loaf pan with a tiny sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. 
Baked in the oven at 350 for 1 hour. 

I also made mashed red potatoes with garlic, and roasted brussels sprouts and squash (with italian seasonings and the tiniest drizzle of EVOO). 

It was tasty! Almost as good as the original I served myself too much taters so I gave a scoop to my sis. And I went back for another 1/2 serving of veggies, just 'cuz. 

I'm tired again tonight! Maybe it's because I have given up coffee?? Or I'm just tired from being lazy. I don't know, but I need to get my act together- school starts a week from tomorrow!

Not sure if I'll have meal #5... I'm not too hungry! We'll see! 
Edited to add: Craving something sweet, had a nectarine- I know I'm not balancing protein + carbs well for my last meal... but if I'm not hungry, why go overboard??


Danica's Daily said...

Yeah for the 2nd job and a fun one too - congrats! Deliciousness in all your eats. I need to borrow that breakfast for sure - YUM! WTG getting creative and healthifying your mom's meatloaf - it sounds awesome.

Janetha said...

yum, the food all looks so good, plus it is time for me to eat so ha! about the pairing protein/carb thing.. there is a method to the madness, i know you didnt want to eat protein with your nectarine because you werent too hungry and didnt want to up the cals, but your body uses protein, especially while you sleep, it helps your muscles repair and feeds them so they can become lean. the more muscle mass we possess the more calories we burn just by sitting on the couch, sleeping, doing nothing. but if you don't have proper fuel in your body before you go to bed, your body will start to eat away at your muscle. our bodies eat up our muscle before they eat up the fat.. unfortunately. so the whole reason BFL has you pairing a protein with a carb at every meal is so the weight training you have been working so hard on doesn't go to waste.. the eating plan and the excercise plan go hand in hand. annnyway, just thought i would letcha know that little tid bit! keep up the good work! xo