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Friday, February 29, 2008

A second try

You know how I had mentioned I wasn't sure how much I liked the Ezekiel cereal when I tried it the other day? Well I guess second time's the charm because today it was SOOO good! Definately going into my breakfast rotation, the hemp milk makes it nice and sweet, I LOVE the crunch and it is SO. GOOD. heated up! Very filling and so nutritious! Love it!

This morning I got up and had 1/2 a banana nut clif bar, then ventured out into the still very cold, cold day to go for a 40 minute run at the track- I also did a few lunges at the end of my cool down. Came home, showered quick because it wasn't too warm, and cooked up a delicious bowl of 3/4 cup Ezekiel Cereal with 3/4 cup hempmilk, along with a GIANT chilean peach... I picked these up at whole foods at the beginning of the week. I had never seen them before, but they were HUGE and looked yummy so I decided to try them. They lasted ALL WEEK and they are delicious, I'm glad I tried them!

Look at how big this bad boy was compared to the bowl: (I ate it all, of course!)

Today I've got my one class far away, then its a quick lunch, chem help session, and I'm ordering dinner to take with me on the way to a hockey game in Boston tonight! Should be fun!


Annie said...

Gotta love Boston! Are you staying up here tonight, or just driving back, cause were supposed to get a big snow storm.

hk said...

I'm from CT, southern (1hr from NYC)...where are you at school?

Kristin said...

I heard about the snow! We're going to attempt to get back home... lets hope we don't get stuck! (And I love Boston too!)

Kristin said...

And HK, I go to the Unversity of Rhode Island... about 3.5 hours from the city by train!