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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another late night, early morning

As much as I love hanging out with my friends, I can not keep up this "stay up late, come home early" thing... it's pretty darn tiring! Either that or I should carry breakfast with me and sleep in more often.
The other thing is, when I do hang out with my friends after work they always seem to have loads of food, and although for the most part I try to resist the unhealthy extras, lately I've been finding myself saying "yes" to little extra treats more often than no... convincing myself a little isn't bad (it's just one big piece of leftover birthday cake...) when really, I know that a little is ok, just not every night (and it has been every night). So this behavior has been very uncharacteristic of my usually very balanced, moderation-stressing attitude towards eating... I guess I got a bit out of control and should reel myself back in. But a couple nights of extra treats are only a couple nights, they're behind me now and at least I realize I was getting a bit off the healthy track for a while. I'll just have to learn to say no to my friends, remembering my health is important to me and my friends should accept this.

So, this morning I came home and started my day off in a healthy way with a big bowl (probably about 2 cups) of Kashi Go Lean in 1 cup hemp milk, with a juicy nectarine on the side.

This was very tasty and satisfying, should be good fuel to start my cooking projects for the day! I'm making a slow cooked marinara early this morning, then I'm going to exercise, prepare my dessert, salad, "meat"balls and pasta later on... it's going to be quite the busy day of preparation but it should be fun, I always love entertaining!


Christie said...


i want to commend your for your recent weight gain and dedication. I was just curious if the doctor has explained why it has been difficult for you to gain the weight back. I am getting my masters in nutrition and looking to focus on sports nutrition and i know a lot of Female athletes face these issues so I am just looking to understand this more.
You can email me directly if yo uwould like

sourappletini2 said...

don't feel so guilty about having a treat or two, you only live once! and one treat per day won't kill you or ruin your healthy lifestyle, it IS healthy to indulge and have something out of the ordinary once in a while, or even everyday, don't beat yourself up, you've come this far and you're only going to improve! i'm not trying to be rude, but i had that same attitude towards sweets and it seriously got me nowhere, just remember it's OK to have treats, it won't kill you!

Kristin said...

I'm a nutrition major too; so I'd be happy to email you and let you know about my struggles.

I do treat myself everyday, I was just feeling bad for going overboard a couple of days, and decided to express it. Believe me, I've got a sweet tooth and I'm not afraid to indulge- it's just my super over "indulgences" (such as 3 cupcakes instead of just one, etc...) that I was having repeatedly that I know are unhealthy. But I'll be back to my regular healthy eating and small treats soon enough!

Christie said...


Def email me when you get a chance i would love to talk to you i feel we have a lot in common... thanks!
I am off the grad class right now, I am taking a summer class for sports nutrition!

sourappletini2 said...

I'm sorry! I totally misunderstood your post then. I'm with you on the sweet tooth and I too sometimes go overboard and have 3 cupcakes or 3 big scoops of ice cream, it's hard! but getting back on track feels so good and you've done a great job!!