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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beat the rain

I had some good timing this afternoon! This morning, I ran inside for 35 minutes and walked for 10 minutes because it was still under 50 degrees outside. Afterwards I snacked on my favorite apple- organic pink lady, on the way over the bridge to hold me until lunch.

We arrived, parked and walked around for a bit- didn't take us long to find my mom's new work location- it's nice and central, which means I will be visiting my mom often- I love Newport! We browsed in a few shops, stopped into Banana Republic where I found this great bright blue flowy skirt that I can't wait to wear in Italy, and a funky patterned brown tank top to go with it. The skirt ended up being 30% off, so it was a great deal! I also stopped at another shop and picked up a pair of my favorite Rainbow flip flops. I have a tan pair now, that I wear almost every day and I love how long they've held up for light sandals! I bought a dark brown pair today that will be perfect for all the walking I'll be doing this summer.

After our mini shopping spree, we headed down the street to the famous Brick Alley Pub for lunch. Doesn't sound like the prime spot for a vegetarian, but I found a couple delicious looking meatless options! We started with garden salads, with a small drizzle of raspberry viniagrette. For my meal I chose the grilled portabella mushroom sandwich. It came on freshly baked bread, with lettuce, tomato, onion, two huge portabellos... and smothered in provolone cheese. Now, I am still consuming small amounts of dairy to keep my body used to it before I travel overseas, but I plan on completely eliminating it when I return. I didn't want a lot of it, so I peeled half off before I ate it.

The sandwich was delicious! The portabellas were grilled perfectly- not too much oil and just enough balsamic vinegar for that savory taste. I ate most of my salad, the whole big sandwich (sans 1/2 the cheese), and skipped the pickle (wasn't in a pickl-y mood!).
After lunch we walked around a little more, and although the sky was still overcast and it wasn't warm, it wasn't too bad to walk around (in a jacket, of course). But my lucky timing came in because just as I was on my way to work it started raining, HARD! If we had been in Newport just a little longer, we would have been soaked! I went into work and beat the rainstorm by minutes.
My meal this afternoon was tasty and filling, so filling I didn't need a snack until an hour into work, when I snacked on a baggie of almonds and apricots I had packed.

For dinner I had another one of my trusty Health Valley soups- Split Pea variety this time. On the side I had some more blue corn tortilla chips (I'm so addicted to these!), and some carrots.

This meal was also super filling! Not to say my sweet toothi didn't kick in as soon as I got home =)
For my after work snack, I had two more delicious double chocolate cookies and a handful of small cherries. What a great combo!

After a busy day and a long night at work I am very ready to just settle in with my new book (I just started The Time Traveler's Wife, and it's really interesting so far!) and get some relaxation time.
Tomorrow's going to be another at home/work day... but Thursday I have day plans on my day off so I can look forward to that!


Cassie said...

I love those healthy valley soups- so tasty and filling! They are a go-to meal for me. Have you had the vegetarian chili one yet?

Meg said...

I'm a HUGE fan of rainbows, they're the best sandals, for sure!

Kristin said...

YES! I love the three bean and spicy vegetarian chilis, and I also like the lentil soup as well. They are handy!

Danielle said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I'd really like to get a new one so please let us know how it is! Thanks :) have a wonderful Wednesday!