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Thursday, May 8, 2008


What a wonderful feeling! I finished my chem exam, in record time, and am completely, and totally done. For the year at least! It was most definately the hardest exam I have ever taken, but it was multiple choice and I did not change any of my answers, because it usually doesn't end well when I do. I trusted my knowledge and feel confident enough that I passed... I hope. At least it's over.
Afterwards, I had some extra time so I bought myself the new Bon Appetit to celebrate, dropped off my library books and headed back to my room.
I was hungry at this point, so for lunch I used up what I had in my mini fridge, and made myself another big wrap- a couple tablespoons of hummus, some spinach, a couple slices tofurky, some cucumber slices and 1/2 a red bell pepper. I had some carrots, snow peas and a huge orange on the side. A nice, balanced lunch!

I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible during the day today, because tonight all inhibitions towards nutrition are thrown out the window, my best friend and I are celebrating like college kids- calzones and ice cream for dinner, with a side of cookies =)
I don't do this very often, but it should be a fun way to commemorate the end of the semester!
I'm sure there won't be time for many food photos, but I'll give you all a recap tomorrow- at which point I am going to try and get back on the healthy eating track immediately!! Once in a while a splurge night is fun, but getting back to eating balanced, nutritious meals afterwards is always my goal.
Should be a fun evening, I'll be back to post in the morning!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Edit: the treats begin! Just after posting, a hall mate stopped by with home made chocolate chip cookies, and of course I couldn't refuse, yum!


Anonymous said...

That wrap looks wonderful!

VeggieGirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! What a relief to be done, right?? I'll be done tomorrow, so I can't wait to share your enthusiasm :0)

Definitely can't pass up homemade cookies!

Kristin said...

Tina, The wrap WAS wonderful!
Veggiegirl, Thanks! I heard you've just got one more to go! Good luck, it is SUCH a relief when it's all over =)
And the cookie was yummy, but would have been better if it were vegan ;)

hk said...

of course! nothing beats homemade cookies...especially when you're celebrating the end of the school year, CONGRATS!!

Danielle said...

congratulation! oh my gosh, i finished tuesday night and have been on cloud 9 the entire week :) yay

eleanor said...

hey! the wrap looks fantabulous! have you ever tried grilling it though? i usually have something pretty ezekiel tortilla, tofurky, hummus, and veggies, but i just fold it in half like a quesdilla and grill it in a panini press, and it unleashes all the flavors, and its easier to eat (b/c my wraps always burst open haha)!!

congrats on being done! i finished yesterday, and im working on moving out by sunday :)