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Monday, May 12, 2008

Exercise, eat, exercise, eat!

It's been a pretty active day for me, after I spent some time online selling some of my textbooks, I decided I was ready to go for a run. So I ended up running for 35 minutes on an incline, and walking 15 minutes. Afterwards, I snacked on a blueberry silk soy yogurt topped with some trail mix before I prepared dinner.

Dinner was delicious, I made one of Happy Herbivore's secret tester recipes, which came out great, and my family enjoyed fully! On the side I made a big garden salad with spring greens, tomatoes, zucchini and yellow pepper. I topped my portion with some Annie's Woodstock dressing (my fave!) It was a very light but filling meal. Perfect before yoga!

After dinner we dropped my sister off at dance class and headed to a nice, relaxing basic yoga class. After such a tiring week last week, a calming class was just what I needed.
I was really excited for dessert when we got home- the other day at Whole Foods I picked up some of their vegan double chocolate with walnuts, so I warmed one up with a sliced plum on the side for my evening snack. Delicious! They were sooo moist and chocolatey, mmm mmm good!

Tomorrow I have a "girls day" with my Mom planned- it was her present from me for Mother's day, manis and pedis in the morning and then lunch out! Should be a nice day =)
I'm off to go read some more of my book!


Danielle said...

Oh my gosh! That looks incredible. Happy Herbivore can I pre-order your cookbook? Lol, Kristin you are so lucky to be a tester! :)

VeggieGirl said...

oooh, your dinner looks particularly delectable! gotta love Lindsay's/Happy Herbivore's recipes :0)

Enjoy your "girl's day" tomorrow!

Meg said...

MMMM, more amazing looking tester recipes, yum!

what a nice day planned with your mom!

Happy Herbivore! said...

what was I going to say? I forget. I am too busy staring at the blueberry yogurt with trail mix and I want some. WOW.

OH! I use leeks all the time in place of onions in the recipe for three reasons, 1) I love chopping leeks, its really unnatural how much I enjoy it 2) Im not a huge fan of onion flavoring and like that leeks are not overpowering 3) onions kills dogs and after that raisin stint with Lily, I don't keep "poisonous" foods around except when making food for dinner guests...

I love having you on the squad! You always bring such a ray of sunshine in every comment

Happy Herbivore! said...

ps your tester recipe looks amazing!

Kristin said...

aww, Thanks Lindsay- I sure love being on the squad, your recipes keep getting better and better! I'm actually about to go make one now and I am super excited =)