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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lunchtime Surprise

This morning I was pleased to see the sun come out, and the weather a little bit warmer than yesterday, great weather for some out door exercise! I snacked on a chocolate chip mini clif bar before I headed out for a very nice 4 mile run around my neighborhood.

When I returned, I did 25 minutes of strength training- some ab work, lunges with weights, squats and weighted arm exercises. I was hungry from all of my activity, so after showering I decided to make myself lunch. I was busily chopping away at some fresh veggies for my pita, when I heard a knock on my door- so I headed over to see who it was. I got there just in time to see a big brown UPS truck drive away from my house, and noticed a small brown package at my doorstep- with my name on it! I was confused, because I hadn't ordered anything recently by UPS (my Italian book came in yesterday!) but when I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised! Inside were three boxes of Honest Foods' new Granola Planks! They sent them to me when they heard how much I had enjoyed their Whole Food Country Squares! I'm super excited to try these, they all look so good, and great for travel! They come in a big "plank", a serving is 1/2 a plank, but a full plank packs a good amount of nutritious calories that would be perfect for my extra big breakfasts I've been having. You just crumble the plank in some yogurt, in a bowl with some milk, or by itself! All three flavors sound awesome- Pomegranate Walnut Crisp, Maple Almond Crunch, and Blueberry Vanilla Crackle! Yum! I'll be trying these soon!

For lunch, I finished making my big veggie pita after my exciting gift discovery. I stuffed 1/2 a large whole wheat pita with 3 tbsp garlic lover's hummus, some orange bell pepper, mixed greens, cucumber and sliced mushrooms. It was huge, but delicious! On the side I had some snow peas and a red d'anjou pear. A lunch full of nutrition, just how I like it =)

Stuffed with veggies:

I am so excited from my great morning I'm definately in the mood to bake something before I head off to work, so you'll see the results of my experimentation when I get back later on tonight!
Have a great hump-day afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Granola planks? That's so cool, what a nice surprise! They all sound really tasty.

Lovin the looks of that super-stuffed veggieful pita too!

linds said...

Oooh I love packages, so exciting :) Enjoy your new goodies!