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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whirlwind afternoon

After lunch, I decided I wanted to try another Happy Herbivore tester recipe before work. So, I set off to bake blueberry spelt muffins, figuring I'd bake them quick and leave them to cool for the fam to try, and I'd have one later for dessert. I mixed them up, popped 'em in the oven, and suddenly realized how little time I had before work! Uh oh! I quickly put together my dinner for the evening, grabbed a snack to go and impatiently waited for my muffins to finish baking. I took them out, and the smell was overwhelmingly delicious! I attempted to transfer one to a cooling rack, but I was too soon and it was too late- it hadn't cooled enough and it was a squished mess. I left the rest in the pan to cool and rushed to work, getting there right on time.

It was quite the busy night- on top of customers and unloading stock, we had to stay extra on top of things because a couple of the higher-ups were stopping in to take a look at the store. Most likely just to keep us on our toes, which luckily we were. I nibbled on some mixed nuts and a piece of dried kiwi and mango in between tasks, and this was just enough to hold me until my break.

For dinner I packed a Morningstar Grillers Vegan burger on a whole wheat english muffin with a slice of vegan cheese and some ketchup and dijon mustard. On the side I packed about 1/2 cup leftover collard greens and some carrots. This was just enough to last me through the end of my rushed night, and when I got home I was dying for a blueberry muffin!

WOW, were these muffins great! Super moist and just sweet enough... definately top 5 best muffins I've ever eaten =)

I'm satisfied now, and ready to rest again after a long night. I'll be exercising early tomorrow and heading out with my friend for the day- I probably won't get to post until very late, if at all tomorrow, but I'll try and if not I'll give a full recap of our adventures! Word of warning though, it might not be the healthiest of days... I love my friend Eric but getting him to eat anything remotely healthy is like trying to get a tiger to become a vegetarian. I'll try!


VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, those blueberry-spelt muffins sound FABULOUS!!

Enjoy the rest of your night - sounds like you have a fun day planned for tomorrow!

Danielle said...

oh my gosh, i need one of these blueberry-spelt muffins! you're so good with keeping up with testing her recipes and me and my eyes thank you for it :)

can't wait to hear how the granola planks are tomorrow!