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Friday, May 16, 2008

The prettiest bowl

I have to say, this morning I made myself the prettiest bowl of granola I have ever made!
Wasn't anything special about the granola, it was the adorable bowl I got at target yesterday that I filled with my breakfast that made it so darn pretty!

How cute is that? I couldn't resist my lovely flower bowl =)
This morning I filled it up with a container of Silk Vanilla Soy yogurt, topped with 1/2 cup Nature's Path flax plus granola, 1/2 cup Save the Forest Goin' Bananas granola, and a whole bunch of gorgeous, delicious, raspberries and bluberries.
The perfect summer meal, even if the clouds covering the sun make the world seem a little less summer-like than I had hoped for.

If it doesn't clear up, I'll be going on a run inside, if it does clear up hopefully I'll be going on a sunny run around the neighborhood before work. I have a race tomorrow, but I'm a little nervous because I have not been in training as much as I would have liked to be at this point. So, it might not be a fast run- but it is a good run, I've done it twice before!
I actually have 2 or 3 more races planned before Italy, my goal is always to do at least 10 in a summer, last year I made it to just that, and this year I think I'll be at 7 before I leave, so maybe I'll try to squeeze in a few when I get back!


Cassie said...

Thats is the cutest bowl I have ever seen. Yay for pretty breakfast!

linds said...

aww Kristin what a cute bowl! It would be so nice to sit outside on a sunny patio and eat breakfast out of it :) Good luck on your race! I'm sure you'll do awesome!

VeggieGirl said...

That bowl is SO gorgeous!! Love the unique shape.

Yeah, the weather is lousy here too - exercise indoors, for me!

Anonymous said...

Cute bowl! Looks so pretty with the berries!