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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taco Break

This morning's events definately demonstrate my impatience, mostly with myself. It's funny, because I am very patient in the kitchen, and with children- but with myself I am as impatient as can be. I made the quick decision to hold off on running this morning because it was cool and rainy, and I didn't want to wait to see if it cleared. A couple hours later it is bright and sunny, the perfect day to go for a run. So, although I didn't get the race in I'll definately be running outside in a bit!
Instead of racing, I decided to work on re-organizing my room some, because I want it to be as organized as possible when I get home from my trip, because that will be about the time I have to start packing to move so I would like it to be as stress free an end of the summer as possible!
Now, I have been wanting to move my room around for quite some time now, and I decided with all my time off today it would be the perfect time to do it. My parents both agreed they would help me move my furniture when they got home from a trip into the city this morning. Well, while I was moving things here and there in my room, I decided there was no point in getting my entire room clean and organized, only to tear it apart again when I want to move it around. I made another decision that I did not want to wait for my parents to get home to move my room around, so I did it myself. Yep, I moved my entire room around myself. Talk about a workout! My two nightstands, futon, and desk (full of books, too 'lazy' to move them) were all rearranged, by myself. It took 2 1/2 hours. Man, is wooden furniture heavy.

When the room was all moved, I was pretty much famished from all the effort it took to push and pull my giant furniture around my room, so I decided a BIG lunch was in order. I made myself another GIANT taco salad (my current addiction, I've been craving one since I made my first one the other day!). I'm pretty sure I made this one even bigger than last time, but that's ok- I needed to re-fuel!
In the bottom of my huge bowl, I put some mixed greens, a few slices of bell pepper, some baby rainbow tomatoes, 1/3 cup each corn and black beans, 1/4 an avocado, sliced, and I topped this with some jalapeno cheeze, the rest of the mango salsa, and garnished it with some leftover cilantro (my favorite herb!). I surrounded the bowl with blue corn tortillas and finished the meal with my last organic pink lady apple. SO filling, SO delicious and the perfect break from my insane organizational spree.

Now I just have to transfer my belongings from my floor back to their rightful places on my furniture, go for a run, go grocery shopping, go to the bank, then prepare dinner before I head for dessert with my friends!
Whew. It is going to be one heck of a day! And we're already halfway through... busy, busy for sure!

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hk said...

mmmm, these salads are great! glad the cleaning was a success, I love reorganizing!