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Friday, May 23, 2008

Well rested

I had a pretty restful night's sleep last night, I didn't get home too late, and went to bed after reading for a while, fell right to sleep and slept through the night! This is a pretty big accomplishment for me lateley, I've been restless for some time now, and I wasn't sure why. I guess a full day out stole enough of my energy to allow for some real rest!
When I woke up this morning, bright eyed and well rested, I knew just what I wanted for breakfast. My favorite, a big waffle sandwich. Today I used two flax plus waffles with 2 tbsp PB, a drizzle of maple syrup and a medium banana. Just the way I like it! For some extra fruit, I had a handful of cherries. They look like a lot on the plate, but they're really tiny- the perfect little sour bites.

This was a great, filling breakfast, as always. Today I have the day off from work again, so I'll be hanging around the house in the morning, going for a run- I think it looks like it should be nice enough to go outside, and then this afternoon I'm going out to grab some groceries and get my hair trimmed. For dinner I'm planning a yummy tester recipe for my sister and mom, should be a good one! I really am ejoying these days off! I'll be back for lunch...

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VeggieGirl said...

Haha, I too slept through the night, which rarely happens (I always wake up at least once during the night) - hooray for a great night's sleep!!

I'm super-excited about cherries being in season - I've missed them so much!