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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Burger Cravings

So I usually roughly plan out my meals a few days ahead, to make sure I have enough ingredients, and to figure out how I can use up what I have. I have a whole container of hummus I have been wanting to use up, because it expires in about a week, so I had planned on a nice big hummus wrap for lunch today. However, when I was running this morning I got the BIGGEST craving for a sunshine burger. Hummus didn't sound the least bit appetizing anymore- I wanted a big, juicy, green burger for my lunch today... so thats what I had!

My delicious lunch: A Garden Herb sunshine burger topped with FYH vegan cheddar, organic ketchup and mustard on an Ezekiel english muffin, with some sliced cucumber and a pear. Perfect lunch, totally satisfied my intense craving!!

As I mentioned before, I went for a run today- 4 miles, up and down hills. It was a LOT easier than yesterday, it's definately not as scorching as it was the day before. I had a chocolate chip mini clif bar before I left the house, ran, came home, and did about 20 minutes of various strength exercises (arms with weights, abs, lunges and squats, pushups) before deciding I couldn't wait for my burger any longer!

I'm so excited about later today... I'll be eating dinner before our appointment, so it won't be until late that you find out my crazy plan!!


Anonymous said...

such an appetizing burger! I can't wait to read your post tonight to find out about the "crazy plan"... you have me in suspense hehe...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin- I just love your blog. I think your honesty about the struggles you face when making choices, your commitment to getting to a healthy BMI, and your desire to try new things is really inspiring!

My name is Anna and I have been an avid lover of the food blogging world for over a year.
About a month ago, I started my own blog, called Meals from the Girl in the Little Black Dress.
I focus on eating healthfully with mostly whole foods, and feeling good about everything I put into my mouth. I was wondering if I might provide a link to your blog on my website? Also, if you have any suggestions on my blog, I would love to hear them! Thanks Kristin, for inspiring me!

Kristin said...

Comments like yours make my day! Yes, feel free to add me to your blogroll, I'll add you as well! Welcome to the blogging world, it's a wonderful place to express yourself! I'm so glad I inspire you and hope I can continue to =)