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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dessert treats and a breakfast classic

Last night my friend and I couldn't find a good place to watch the game, so we ended up just going to a nearby "dessert bar", having treats and hanging out which was just as fun! Nothing at this place was nearly healthy, or nearly vegan... but I indulged for one night and I guess I just won't go there again! It was still quite yummy though. I had a vanilla ice cream mixed with strawberries and teddy grahams (fun concoction, right?)

When I got home late again, I was strangely hungry so I snacked on a few pieces of dried fruit just to settle my stomach. This morning I woke up craving oats, but we were all out (Kristin baked again!) so I settled on two flaxplus waffles with 2 Tbsp PB, some maple syrup and a banana for a wafflewich. I had the last few HUGE grapes on the side. These were sooo good I'll be needing to get some more!

Today I have work a little later, so I'm planning on exercising at some point, and trying a new tester recipe for lunch, so I'll have something to do!

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