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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Testing more BBQ

Today for lunch I whipped up another tester recipe by Lindsay the Happy Herbivore! It was a delicious BBQ Sammie, which I topped with some FYH Vegan Monterey Jack cheese, a big piece of kale and thick slice of tomato all on my favorite Ezekiel Sprouted grain bun. I had some carrots and a nectarine (can't get enough!) on the side as usual, but the sandwich itself was sooo filling I probably could have eaten just that and been satisfied! Another quick, yummy recipe to add to my staple meals.

I'm still being lazy, as I have been lately in the mornings, but I have to run and get ready for work pretty soon so I'll be blogging again later tonight!

Have a great Thursday, can you believe tomorrow's already Friday?!?!

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Anonymous said...

yum that is a picture-perfect, well-rounded lunch!