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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A new kind of pizza

For a nice father's day lunch (since both my faja and I are working this evening) I made my family one of the Happy Herbivore's cookbook tester recipes, Dirty Quesadilla pizzas for lunch! I sliced my pizza in four triangles, and had it with a big bowl of green grapes for a healthy, satisfying lunch!

I was just being lazy and relaxing this morning, it's dreary and rainy here so I'll be running inside today before I jet off to work.

Any one have any suggestions for favorite foods to travel with? I'm trying to think of some good travel friendly plane treats and snacks to have while I'm in's coming so soon I have to think of everything!


hk said...

homemade lara bars
spiced/toasted nut mixes
dried fruit
dark chocolate- mmm italian chocolate, LUCKY YOU!
Homemade granola
granola planks? (I have yet to try these...shelf life?

Anonymous said...

Larabars & Clif Bars are my on-the-go snack of choice!

VeggieGirl said...


But you already knew I'd say that, right? ;0)