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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tasty convienance

Work was just work again tonight, nothing new, pretty dull- just 3 more long days and I'm done until August though!
This afternoon the rain cleared just in time for me to head out for a nice cool 4 mile run before getting ready for work.
I snacked on a strawberry banana soy yogurt with some almond pieces and a perfectly ripe nectarine to hold me until dinner.

At least I was on with my favorite supervisor, and she let me take my break when I was hungry- not STARVING like usual! Dinner tonight was easy and quick, but turned out to be even tastier than I had expected it to be! Gotta love Amy's! This is definately one of the most flavorful microwave meals I have ever eaten. It was the Amy's Enchilada whole meal, which is completely vegan, and sooo yummy! I had a few carrots with it for some extra veggies.

My only complaint is that it didn't fill me as much as I would have liked it to; I was definately ready for a big snack when I got home. So, I had one of my last couple Erin's Breakfast Cookies- lemon berry flavor. I liked this very much! It was sweet, but not too sweet! A good night time treat.

Now I am ready for a good night's rest- I have an early day at work again tomorrow, and then I'm going to the gym and out to dinner with a friend, so you can expect a very late post tomorrow!

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