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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scramble me up some flavor

Last night I pretty much passed out after watching the movie last night (which was oh so scandalous and dramatic- just how I like my movies!) so I never ended up posting my evening treats. I had a four organic dark chocolate and vanilla bean (2 each) cookies to nibble on during the movie, and a bit later I had some dried fruit because I was craving something sweet.

This morning I had a very different breakfast than usual, and I was glad for the change! Ever since reading Oprah's blog on her 21-day cleanse, she has been wanting to try the Tofu Scramble posted by her chef. It looked good to me as well (since it has so many of my favorites- tofu, mushrooms, pepper, garlic, ginger, nooch!) so I promised her I would make it for her!
This morning I woke up early enough to chop up the veggies, and prepare us a delicious out of the norm breakfast. WOW was I glad I took the time to make this! Sooo flavorful, easy, and very satisfying- I know I'll be making this again! I halved the recipe for two BIG portions... I had mine with a slice of toasted ezekiel bread with a couple tsp cherry preserves. Mmm, what a great way to start the day!

It's still looking a bit gloomy out there, I'll wait and see if the sun comes out before deciding whether to brave the outdoors or keep my workout inside. I work later on tonight, so I'm trying a new recipe I've seen people make and have been dying to try, for dinner! I'll post again after lunch!

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Andrea said...

i think it's amazing how oprah has decided to do this cleanse. i know a lot of people out there are critical of her but she does have tremendous power and the ability to influence so many people - and what better way than through a healthy vegan lifestyle change (i hate the word diet lol)!? your breakfast looks FABULOUS...i still havent tried scrambled tofu but i can not wait!