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Monday, June 16, 2008

Switching it up

I met up with my friend Alessandra as planned, so we decided to go to the gym to work out for a while. I was super tired after work, so I didn't want to do anything intense, but I had a nice easy workout anyways. She's a swimmer, so she taught me some of the moves she used to train her arms for swimming. We did about 5 exercises using 5 and 8 lb weights, then we did a couple machines, some ab exercises with a medicine ball and a bit of cardio. We walked for 10, rowed for 20 and biked for 5. I didn't work up too much of a sweat, but I always love working out with a friend!

Afterwards, we were planning on going to Seven Moons, but it's a bit out of the way, so we decided to just head into town to have sushi at Shogun instead. We sat down at the sushi bar, ordered japanese seltzer with lime (just bubble water, but it felt cool!) and I immediately ordered my favorite appetizer- steamed Green Gyoza dumplings! They're little dumplings stuffed with a delcious veggie filling, and served with an incredible sweet sauce that I always have to dip into! I ate 4 of these dumplings, and then ordered an Avocado roll. My friend ordered a cucumber roll, and we each switched a piece, so I had 5 pieces avocado, 1 cucumber, dipped in a bit of soy mixed with ginger and wasabi just how I like it! I also ate some lettuce and cucumber pieces from my appetizer plate. Who can resist fresh veggies?? =)

It was such a fun time, I haven't seen Alessandra in so long because she's a lifeguard so she works days and I generally work nights (except for these last couple of days!) so its hard to make plans. I guess that kind of thing comes with growing up, getting jobs, etc... so it's great to spend time with friends when I can!

I think now I'm planning on staying in for the night and relaxing with the movie I've been wanting to see- The Other Boelyn Girl.
I work again tomorrow, but luckily not nearly as early!


Anonymous said...

Mmm those dumplings sound really good. I'm going to have to see if I can find some dumplings like that next time I go out for sushi! Which will hopefully be soon!

Anonymous said...

enjoy the movie - i've wanted to see that for a while!

mlchaney said...

Can't lie - that movie was pretty captivating but also sslliigghhttllyy raunchy. haha. Your meal looks fantastic! I usually get the exact same thin (+sea weed salad) when I go out for sushi!