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Friday, July 11, 2008

Io sono molto piene...

Which means I am STUFFED in Italian.

Yesterday and today were great days, but I must admit they were not the best, food-portion wise. Everything I ate was delicious, but here in Italy, sometimes they feed you, and feed you, and feed you...and it's pretty hard to say no!

Carolyn and I were craving something cool on a hot day, so we decided to grab gelato cones on the way to the bus to Acri. I got limoncello and nocciola- lemon liquor and hazelnut! They were perfect together, and hit the spot in the sweltering heat.

The gelato held me over through the museum we went to, and then my friend and I split a larabar to tide us over before dinner.

Dinner was amazing- but I definately went overboard. We started with some appetizers- I tried a little of everything, stuffed mushrooms, fried bread, capers, feta puffs.

Then we went to one of the most famous Pizzerias in the south of Italy. Oh my gosh was it INCREDIBLE. The pieces were sooo thin and fresh, yes, I ate a piece of every kind they served... 5 in total. The pieces were wide, but short and super thin- so although I definately over ate, I didn't feel too stuffed afterwards. It was definately worth it to try all the different kinds!!

This morning I needed a light, healthy breakfast- more coffee yogurt, muesli, and a nectarine. My friends and I did out skits during class today, which was a lot of fun, and then snacked on a banana and a couple of graham crackers to hold us over during our cooking lab!!

This cooking lab was the best yet- it was with Fifina again, and EVERYTHING was vegetarian! We learned how to make FRESH pasta! It was tagliatelle with ceci (chickpeas) in a olive oil/paprika sauce, and finocchio with tomatoes and garlic. So delcious, they gave us a big plate of each- and we HAD to finish them both! I stayed away from the bread at this lunch... we also had sauteed potatoes with green tomatoes, and a zucchini salad I helped prep made with olive oil, white wine vinegar and oregano. For dessert we had cocomelo- 3 pieces!!

I love, love, loved learning how to make all of this today! I was starving the entire time, ended up stuffing myself until I couldn't walk... but it was worth it, in every way. Not only did I get to experiance cooking in a real Italian kitchen and eat incredible foods, I learned so much about myself- really, nothing makes me happier than cooking, learning how to cook, and good food =)

Tonight, on top of all the incredible food we were stuffed with today, we're trying the gelato we made two nights ago AND it's one of my favorites for dinner- risotto! Gosh, I love Italia!


Anonymous said...

Must. Get. Gelato.

hk said...

too cool :) I love pasta and chick peas- but I doubt that mine back here in the states can come close to how delicious yours must taste over there in Italia!! SO glad you're enjoying yourself and the deliciousness of the cuisine :)