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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pazzo Pizza!

aka Crazy Pizza...

Last night, I did not eat healthy. Not in the least bit. I ate too many snacks, and far too many pieces of pizza. But it was worth it, and today is a new day, and I'll be back to my usual schedule form now on!

While I was blogging, la Mamma brought us some snacks- an italian pretzel and a mini pear, which I ate to hold me until dinner.

Making pizza was SO much fun! I went with 4 friends, and 4 of us made pizzas! Margherita, I made a vegetarian one with peppers and eggplant, they also made one with Pancetta and one with
I'm not revealing how many pieces I ate, but there weren't many leftovers ;)

Later that evening we went out to hang out for a while, and we had a couple drinks and snacked on some of the appetizers they kept giving us for free! It was a good time, and we stayed out late- I'm tired today, but it was so much fun!!

We didn't have class today, so I spent the day relaxing with Carolyn- we went on two walks, I had some yogurt and muesli before and an orange after.

I had a little fun making lunch... I made carrot flowers!

We made a big healthy lunch of salads with carrots, lupini beans, garlic olive oil and fresh bread. It hit the spot, and I felt great after eating it!

We went on another walk in the afternoon- the long hill walk, which I actually ran the second half of (up hill) with our guy friends that came with us. It was hard, but felt SO great to get some exercise after such a food filled day!

I snacked a little in the afternoon- a banana, 1/2 a pretzel and a couple whole grain granola crackers.

Sorry for my quick post- I'm on my way to learn how to make GELATO!!

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