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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Simple pleasures

I apologize for my lack of pictures lately, the wireless internet in Italia has quite the mind of it’s own. I’ll try for as many of the best pictures as I can!

Yesterday afternoon leaving the DeRada center, it was SWELTERING hot… my friend Carolyn and I could hardly move in the boiling heat, so we decided there was no better time to stop for a quick gelato on the way back to the apartment. I had frutti di boso e caffe- two of my favorites. They defiantely cooled us down on the walk back home. Back at the apartment, I snacked on a small yellow plum before dinner.

Dinner was fantastic again, another creamy mushroom sauce, which I have the greatest love/hate relationship with. I KNOW how bad they are for me, but I just love them so much! I ate ¾ of this plate, before a small piece of bread to cleanse my palate before the next course.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture of my secondo piatto- it was my favorite risotto stuffed peppers (I ate one small one), insalata mista (I had a BIG helping) and a whole bunch of olives.

Dessert was a fruit bowl- cocomelo e mela, and afterwards my friend Erika and I stopped at a bakery nearby for a tiny sweet treat. It was the perfect little funghata- a "mushroom" shaped flaky chocolate pastry covered in granules of sugar and filled with a chocolate creme, topped with a tiny sliver of white chocolate. The perfect tiny treat to end my night.

I spent the rest of the night nervous about my test in the morning, so I didn't sleep well- but I woke up in just enough time to have some granola, yogurt and a juicy nectarine for breakfast before heading to Bar Centrale with Carolyn for a caffe before class.

After my quiz (which went well- I got 100 on my last one so I'm hoping I do just as well on this one!) we stopped by the frutti vendolo and supermercato to stock up- I ate an apple while shopping, and got some more apples, peaches, lettuce, carrots, wheat crackers, mozzarella and bread for lunches, yogurt, muesli and almond milk.
After our grocery shopping we had another great cooking lab with Rosa- she taught us to make Pasta Carbonara- a delicious but heavy dish made with eggs, pancetta (italian bacon), olive oil, salt and pepper, parmesan and cream. It was amazing watching her chop the onions and show us how to put the dish together. Every day I'm in the kitchen here my desire to become a chef grows greater and greater...

Rosa was nice enough to make me some spaghetti with pomodoro sauce for lunch while the rest of the class chowed down on their creamy creations- but I have a confession to make. I did have one bite- just a bite- of the carbonara (sans pancetta), just to taste it. It was very good, and since I ate no meat directly I was fine, but I just couldn't resist trying what we had made!

The pasta was good, and Danielle, Carolyn and I came home to do some yoga. After a core session (just 25 minutes but boy was I sweating!) and some studying I had a peach and a couple wheat crackers (they taste like granola!).

On our way here, we stopped for another cool treat- I know I've been eating gelato every day, but honestly, I don't care. I'd rather have a small treat every day and not feel bad than not allow myself the treat and regret not having it! The portions are small enough and the ingredients are pure enough anyways, I don't ever feel heavy or as if I'm over eating after a refreshing gelato. Today was fragole and straciatella (strawberry and italian chocolate chip)

What I'm loving the most about Italy is the simple things that make me happy. When a cool breeze hits my face walking up the street to the DeRada Center, my afternoon gelato, walks with Carolyn, olives at dinner and getting emails from family and friends. These little acts that make me smile are making my time here all the better, and more and more I realize how thankful I am to be here, to be experiancing this, at the best time.


VeggieGirl said...

That dessert is so cute!!

Allison said...

I was just about to type the same comment about the adorable dessert! :0) It looks like you are having such great experiences in Italy...keep having a wonderful time!!

linds said...

Your posts from Italy are such a joy to read, you sound so genuinely happy and all of the food looks just incredible. What an amazing experience, and you are certainly enjoying it to the fullest! That bakery sweet is adorable and I am so jealous of all the authentic gelato you get to eat :) Keep having fun!!

hk said...

Sounds amazing, as all of your Italy reports do :) Enjoy the gelato while you're there, mmm absolutely nothing compares!! Glad you're having tons of fun and learning lots, too~

Simple and Divine said...

Wow, you are wonderful :) So thankful to be in such an imaginative place! And you seem to be in S.U.C.H. a good place too! Cheers to that! And you SHOULD be enjoying all of the divine delicacies! You couldn't be eating food that is any fresher, and you're walking everywhere! You seem to have quite the healthy lifestyle :) We should all be so lucky to be able to enjoy ourselves!