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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bad blogger and a breakfast to hold me

I just realized... I've been a bit of a bad blogger lately... I've forgotten to tell you about my night-time snacks for a couple days now!

On Thursday after dinner I had a Chobani 0% Greek Yogurt- Blueberry flavor... which I LOVED.... it has real fruit on the bottom! I was practically giggling with glee over this delicious discovery! I also had 3 cashews, because they were staring at me and calling to me ;)

Last night, before going out to meet a friend, I had a quick protein shake, using 1 cup nonfat soymilk with 1 scoop protein powder... (in my new Fit & Fresh Chiller/Shaker which I am super excited about!)

And I admit, I had a moment of weakness when I was conned into a hot slice of my favorite Greek Pizza...It was good, but no more late night snacking for me! It's a bad habit, I would hate to get into it!

But that was then. This morning, I came home, and made myself a big hearty breakfast to keep me going all morning until my friend Eric comes and picks me up to go shopping!!
I had 1/2 cup quick irish oats cooked with water, a spoonful of PB, a big banana and a drizzle of agave. On the side I tried a new Chobani yogurt... Peach flavor! This was just as good as the blueberry!! I love Chobani! I've only seen 4 flavors out though... does anyone else know about any other yummy flavors of Chobani I should look out for??

Ok, I'm off to pack my bag for the day and do a bit of exercise before Eric arrives.
I'll be back to post later tonight!


Anonymous said...

regarding dinner at candle... I can pretty much be flexible but friday nights and sundays are good too

Simple and Divine said...

Babycakes, you are NOT a bad blogger. And you don't HAVE to post absolutely everything! haha, it's not as though we are grading you, it's merely that we adore being inspired by your fab philosophy on life and your even fab[ber] (? New word! Nice :) ) foods! :)

CAN'T WAIT for CANDLE DIN! This is gonna be off the HEEEZE!

ChickPea said...

Have you tried the strawberry Chobanis? They're pretty awesome, but I think I like the blueberry the best:)