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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kristin does not eat fried food, or anything cream-based...

With the exception of one thing each, once a year...

Clamcakes and Chowder from Iggy's!!
Nestled deep in the south end of Narragansett (my new home in 4 days!), Iggy's is a tiny little chowder house with some of the best clamcakes&chowda in the state of Rhowd Ayland... (no, I do not really have a Rhode Island accent!)
We all know I LOVE my traditions, and clamcakes and chowder have been a summer tradition since I was old enough to eat solid foods! We used to eat them a lot more when I was younger, now that I understand how bad they are for me, they're a once in a summer treat, and I appreciate them much more now!
I had the classic New England white chowder- they gave me a BIG bowl- which I ate half of (I didn't eat the oyster chips, I like my chowda pure!), it was super rich and filling, and my friend Eric and I split a big bag of clamcakes, which I had 3 of.

At least the nutritionist in me could feel a little better about the indulgences after reading this sign:

Nope, we didn't stop with the unhealthy indulgences there... I warned you guys tonight was going to be a bit crazy! The last summer tradition we celebrated was Ben and Jerry's for dessert- I had two of my favorites, coconut seven layer bar and cookie dough- a "small" which wasn't so small! I definately would have been better off with a kiddie!

We took our ice creams to one of my favorite spots- Roger Wheeler Beach, and enjoyed our cool treats as the sun set.

Although this dinner/dessert was in no means healthy, it was a nice night with my friend, and a great way to reminisce on all my wonderful summers here in Southern Rhode Island! The summer's coming to a close, and I only have one more "treat night" left- I'm letting myself indulge a couple times, without guilt, because I know I eat healthy 90% of the time, and can always jump right back into my healthy habits, because that is what makes me feel the best. =)

Edited to add: I did have a few pieces of dried mango a couple hours after I got home...although I ate a lot, I was craving something sweet and healthy!

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