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Saturday, August 9, 2008

One powerful breakfast

I'm a little late with my breakfast post this morning; I've been planning out some of my meals for a week and trying to come up with a budget-friendly grocery list.

For breafast, I made Jenna's power oatmeal, using 1/2 cup dry irish oats cooked in water, along with 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese, a dollop of PB and a big banana. It hit the spot- filling and tasty, powerful for sure!

Today I'm running with my sister in the morning. She has volleyball tryouts soon and she hasn't run in a while, so we'll see how she keeps up! I'm still super sore from some leg exercises I did 2 days ago, so I'll be taking it easy as well. It's just getting the exercise in that matters!

Later today I'll be going out with my friend, so it might be later that I post lunch and dinner.

Have a great Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! great blog! I just found it, wanted to say hello! it's nice to find some girls my age out here in the blog world haha! have a good weekend!

Jenny :)