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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pasta con tonno e salsa pomodori olive

Today was a fun afternoon! My sister and I set out for our hair appointments after I finished lunch, and we had a great time talking to Nicole, our stylist, and taking a quick stop at the health food store next door! We got a couple treats for the road; we tried this "healthier" soda, Diet Steaz Sparkling Green Tea, in Raspberry. I wouldn't drink the whole bottle; it does still have some sugar in it, but it was a nice treat and a lot healthier than your average soda! We also bought a bag of unsweetened dried mango, which I had 5 pieces out of.

When we got home, we took pics of our new styles- I just got my hair darkened a little for fall, and she got some layers. I think we look pretty darn cute!

I also had a small 1/2 cup of 0% fage to hold me until dinner.

A couple hours later, I knew what I was craving for dinner- tuna and pasta, but I didn't want to make the same recipe I've made twice before (although I love it!) so I came up with my own, with a few twists and it came out DELICIOUS! I'm so proud of this dish, the flavor was light and mediterannean, but incredibly tasty. I sauteed some tomatoes in a little garlic and a couple tablespoons of olive oil, along with some chopped red onion, capers, black olives sliced, oregano and fresh basil and then let them simmer for a bit. Then I added some spinach and let that wilt, all while my pasta was cooking- I used whole wheat penne. After I drained the pasta, I tossed it with 1 6-oz can chunk light tuna, added my sauce, a bit of fresh black pepper and mixed it well, and then added a few pieces of chopped fresh mozzarella balls to each bowl. It was exactly what I was craving, and filled me up well!

In again tonight, tomorrow is going to be a long day so I need my rest! Then I work all weekend, and then it's move in! I guess it's my last night of lazyness!


newcitygirl said...

Mmmm... that pasta looks tasty! Things like that inspire me to cook more often!

Anonymous said...

Both of you look great with your new do's!

Andrea said...

you two look so cute :)

linds said...

What a great idea for pasta! Looks like it came out perfectly.