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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stocking up

I just got back from a HUGE grocery shop... we shopped at Food for Thought, Stop&Shop and Belmont, to stock me up on some much needed goods for my new kitchen. Before we left, I snacked on a couple pieces of fruit that were in the house (we're running low!)- some grapes and a plum.

Are you ready for some major pictures? This was 6 bags worth of groceries!! The groceries aren't really categorized well in the pictures, I was just kind of throwing stuff on the counter and snapping away, but here they are!

Kristin's Kitchen Staples:

Cold stuff:

Reduced fat provolone, light cheese sticks, 2 kinds of hummus (artichoke kalamata and garlic lover's), extra firm tofu and seasoned tofu, Amy's California burgers, Chobani 0% plain, vanilla, blueberry and peach, egg whites, 1% cottage cheese, smart balance, ezekiel bread

The rest:

lima beans, canned peaches, tuna/salmon packets, diced tomatoes, peanut butter, tomato sauce, marinara sauce, artichokes, red peppers, baking soda/powder, various canned beans

whole grain pasta, almond packets, spinach, honey mustard, organic cage free eggs, goddess dressing, organic ketchup, raspberry preserves, lentils, rice bowls, tortillas, soy milk

canola spray, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, tamari, granola planks(!), refried beans



carrots, sweet potatoes, grapes, red onion, peppers, bananas, nectarines, garlic

I am also taking with me some frozen veggies and fruit, salmon filets, multigrain rolls, ezekiel english muffins, spices, cereal/granola, oats, and some baking supplies.

I won't usually be getting this much stuff, this is supposed to last me a long time!!

While shopping, we were treated to a free oatmeal cookie, which my mom and I shared.

For lunch, we stopped at Pick Pockets, and had crazy veggie wraps! This one had hummus, greens, tomatoes, peppers, sprouts, carrots, banana peppers, feta and balsamic dressing in a fresh pita. I ate the whole thing, and it was deeeelicious! I love their wraps!

I am all shopped out, so I am going to relax for a while before work!


Andrea said...

that wrap looks soooo good! i love wraps that are absolutely STUFFED with veggies :) looks like you got a lot of stuff for your kitchen! all of my roomies are finally in our suite (4 total) and you should see our fridge/freezer. it's so jam packed with food i can barely find my stuff haha

Josie Pussicat said...

Enjoy your new kitchen! I can't wait until I get to do the same, haha!
I added you to my blog list!
Happy Saturday!

VeggieGirl said...

LARABARS!!!!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

That is one incredibly impressive grocery haul. I anticipate some pretty darn awesome meals coming out of your kitchen in the next little while ;)

Anonymous said...

One heck of a shopping! I love getting all new goodies... enjoy!