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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two "desserts"

Probably because my dinner was pretty low-cal, I had some hunger pangs a few hours later so decided on another one of the sweet yogurts my Mom bought as a treat.

However, just a short time after eating the yogurt my hunger pangs were BACK... I didn't want to eat anything meal-like, or anything substantial, so I just had 1/4 of a big ABC vegan pumpkin cookie to settle my stomach, and my sweet tooth. Worked perfectly. I was content, and am spending the rest of my evening reading. I'm really into Water with Elephants. Anyone else read this?


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Annie said...

I bought Water for Elephants for my plane ride to California on Wednesday and Im already half way through I like it so much, Guess Ill need to find a new book for the plane.