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Friday, September 12, 2008

Mi dispiace!

My sincere apologies for not posting for almost two days!
I have been CRAZY busy today, I woke up, went to the gym, went to school, had breakfast and lunch there, went to work, had dinner there and now I'm at home, drinking Italian wine and eating dark chocolate while reminiscing with my best friend Danielle and our best friend from Italy, Natalie!
I got home tonight, and Danielle and Natalie had prepared a huge Italian feast- pasta, patate pepperoni, cheeses and wine of course! So I had a taste of everything as my nightly snack!

So yesterday... school was crazy, here's my lunch- a refried bean wrap, carrots and cottage cheese.

This held me over until I had my snack; 1 cup soy milk with a scoop of protein powder and an apple.

For dinner, I made shrimp scampi as planned for my guy friends- with a bit of parmesan on top, and some slices of fresh bell pepper.

Afterwards, I was invited to a party... hence no post last night... does a boy count as an excuse for all you romantics out there?

I woke up exhausted this morning, but it was a good night so it was worth it!
I quickly had a pre-workout snack of 1/2 a chocolate chip PB clif bar, went to the gym and did a 40 minute workout; 30 minutes on the ellipical and 15 minutes of leg machines.

Afterwards, I had my breakfast on the way to school- 1.25 cup portion of Kashi Go Lean, a vanilla chobani and a nectarine.

Lunch was simple but filling; a PB&J, a cheese stick and a banana. For an afternoon snack I had a Coconut Cream Pie larabar. Yum!

Dinner at work was filling- a can of Amy's black bean soup, some wheat crackers and carrots. It was good, but I was hungry a couple hours later!

So I came home, and here I am- finally filled after my mini Italian feast, and happily remembering the glorious days of Italy =)

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Danielle said...

Phew you've been busy girl, no need to apologize! Have a great night with friends, it sounds like you have a fun weekend up ahead too!

P.S. Yes, a boy does give you a "get out of (blog) jail" free card ;) hope it went well!