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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Running to Rest

I have been running around all day, trying to get everything done so I can relax and rest, finally!
I spent the day running errands; this morning I headed to my parents where I did my weekly 3.5 mile run around the neighborhood, and had a quick snack of a blueberry chobani before I left to go shopping.

Here are my groceries for the week: mostly produce and dairy, not much new besides the new flavors of kashi bars. And I got my favorite Flax Plus waffles! (They were a splurge; a whole 50 cents more than the Kashi ones!!)

I came home and made what I was craving; a mushroom, spinach and feta omelette with salt and pepper, two veggie sausage links and a nectarine. It hit the spot, and all the protein filled me up well!

At work, I snacked on a Kashi Roll bar- it was a good flavor, but I think I like the caramel and oatmeal ones the best.

For dinner I just packed some leftover shrimp scampi and carrots.

This was good for my last few hours, which I spent studying anatomy with... get this... a halloween skull! I kid you not. I am one of a kind, I'm sure, but it was really helpful to use the skull to pick out the different parts of the brain, hopefully it helps me pass my quiz on Monday!!

When I got home, my sweet tooth was aching so I had a deliciously indulgent snack- my favorite Zen Soy Pudding, chocolate flavor of course, and a few grapes. This was the perfect late night snack!

I'm all ready to curl up and go to bed... right after I drop my roommate off at a party I am not attending, I'm way too exhausted for that! Time to rest!

See you all in the a.m!


VeggieGirl said...

Enjoy your restful evening!

sportsnutritionliving said...

That omelette looks very professional and i love mushrooms and goat cheese i think it is a great combo!

Kristin said...

Thanks, Thats two compliments on my omelet in one day! My best friend. who was staying over, saw it and said "Wow that looks good. I want one!" So I made her one too, and we had identical omelets for lunch!