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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Treated and Stuffed

I had quite the productive afternoon! I managed to get all the work done I planned to get done, and then some!
Mid afternoon I snacked on some 1% cottage cheese (about 3/4 cup)... I know dairy isn't the best when you're sick, but this was soo nice on my throat.

Then I left to go visit my parents for their anniversary, they loved the cookies... and I got invited to go out to dinner with them and my sister!
So, we all headed up the street to this nice Italian restaurant we've always wanted to try but never gotten the chance to.
Let me tell you, we are DEFINATELY going again!! It was beyond delicious.
For a starter, my sister and I chose the special peach salad- it had peaches, walnuts and gorgonzola on mixed greens with a peach vinigarette. To die for. I had the portion shown, and I picked at a few more pieces from the big plate. I also had 1/2 a piece of fluffy italian bread.

For an entree, both my Mom and I could not resist the sound of the delicious special- seafood stuffed flounder in a hollandaise sauce with risotto and mixed vegetables. Ohmigosh, the BEST stuffed fish I have ever eaten. I ate the ENTIRE piece of fish, stuffing and all, all the veggies and a couple bites of risotto. I left the bread and pretzel sticks. I am stuffed to the brim, probably more than the delish fish I devoured!! Worth every bite, lemme tell you.

It was a great night out with the fam, I'm so glad they invited me and even more glad that my parents had a nice night for their anniversary!

I'm probably going to relax and read or listen to some music... I am pooped!


DaftDragon said...

Hey, I have never been on ur blog before, but I was looking through it and i LOVE all ur pics! Totally unique blog, really fresh, and all ur foods look so delicious! I am inspired, keep it up, I'll be back
: )

ChickPea said...

I love your little bowl for the cottage cheese...where did you get it?

Kristin said...

Anthropologie! It's my favorite for cutesy little housewares!