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Monday, October 13, 2008

Berry Delicious Wafflewich

Mmm, I took my wafflewich to a whole new level this morning and boy was I happy with that decision!
I LOVE berries, and my berry-days are pretty much over by now, it's not really worth it to me to spend $5 on blueberries that will only last a day, especially in this economy. So, for the next couple of months I'll be getting my berry-fix from other sources... frozen berries, berry yogurts, blueberry waffles, raspberry preserves... so I think you've gotten the idea I NEED berries in my life- today I incorporated the delicious berry taste into my usual pb/maple wafflewich, by using blueberry Kashi Go Lean waffles with 1 tbsp berry jam, 1 tbsp PB and a big banana. Mmm, mmm! I'll definately be having this combo again soon!

I'm so excited to begin my day... gym, costume shopping, lunch out and dinner in!!
See y'all later in the day!

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VeggieGirl said...

Wafflewich + day off filled with fun activities = PERFECT!! Enjoy!! I still have classes today :0(