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Friday, October 24, 2008

Something's fishy

Happy Friday everyone!
Last night I got a great night's sleep, and I woke up this morning with a ton of energy to get a bunch of studying done today before my packed weekend! I don't have class until 11 today, so that gives me ample time to catch up on some blogs and do some lab studying before Anatomy class.

For dinner last night we had a HUGE feast of sushi! Tyler grabbed takeout for me before I got out of class, and it was all I could do to NOT dig into the sushi boxes before we got home! However, it was just Nick and I for dinner so we ended up with a LOT of food- he made noodles to go along with the plethora of sushi, and I was pretty stuffed by the end, even though I felt like we hardly made a dent in the food! For sushi I ordered the Sushi combo, which had 8 pieces of nigiri (basic sushi-raw fish on rice), which I ate two of- and tuna roll, which I ate two of as well. We also got a salmon-avocado roll, which I had two of (I guess I was on a "2 of each" pattern!) and we also ordered steamed shumai dumplings, which I had-guess how many- two! of. It came with a garden salad which I had with a bit of mustard dressing, and Nick put together some japanese noodles topped with pickled ginger that I only made a tiny dent in because there were SO many!! Everything was delicious, though!

This morning I was ready for a workout after my big dinner, so I snacked on 1/2 a chocolate chip PB clif bar and headed to the gym where I did my usual 30 minute elliptical routine (light hills) as well as 30 minutes of arms. After showering I headed to Bagelz to grab a pumpkin spice coffee (this time it was really JUST coffee!) but I added a (kind of big) splash of 1% milk to it. For my on the go breakfast I packed a honey/almond granola packet, 0% chobani and banana. This should keep me going all morning!

For lunch I packed my standard turkey sammie with all the usual fixin's and a juicy apple. For a snack I packed a chocolate peanut butter Pure Protein bar.

After all my classes end around 4, I might be taking another trip up to Warwick to go to the costume shop to help Nick find a fun halloween costume.

I hope you all have a great start to your weekend!


VeggieGirl said...

Happy Friday!!!

Simple and Divine said...

Have a great day, Girlfriend! :)

Anonymous said...

Oohh I love sushi nights, and I happen to be a "two of everything" type of girl myself!

Have a great Friday! :)